The cold sinking into my soul.

And for a brief moment, for those short months when we declared it summer so forgotthe haunting pain of winter. I sit now beneath autumn skies, the cold swimming through my veins and dancing with my bones to an audible beat my feet have long lost all sensation and my skin wears thr permanent markings of goosebumps. And oh how I am missing the warmth of summer. 
Karen Hayward©2016


Cold cuts through me to the core,

As winds whistle from beneath the door. 

Storms forming of winters gloom

pulled from slumber all too soon. 

This coldness is not my friend, 

I wonder will this shivering ever end. 

Coldness cutting me my bones do freeze,

as autumn skips through dying leaves. 

BlNkets and hot water bottles pulled into my chest,

I plead these heat will help me rest. 

Eyes sore and muscles long hurting after lack of sleep,

Coldness penetrates so deep. 

Coldness penetrates so deep,

Insomnia, anything, so those dreams they’ll keep. 
Karen Hayward ©2016

It must be autumn 

It must be autumn, I’ve spent much of my day sleeping in search of the elusive hibernation and hidden within my dreams I found you, I thought you were a forgotten void my sleeping mind refused to travel back to, but I was wrong. Your warmth cocooned me, your presence enriched me, your desire owned me, I found you there I my dreams. It must be autumn I am cold, my skin prickles with goosebumps the cat snuggles closer, for longer, eager to stay, eager to share his heat with me, his kisses with me, his soft gentle purr. It must be autumn soup is on my mind and I am subconsciously writing a list so I can make some, it must be autumn the evenings have drawn in and darkness calls to me earlier, like a long lost friend. And oh how I have missed the darkness. It must be autumn the skies are grey and rains fall and fall, dying leaves spi across the pavement death is everywhere. Death is coming. 
Karen Hayward ©2016

Warm earth, cool breeze, lifes mirth.

Cool summer air,
how you remind me
Of an autumn day,
Earth warm beneath
My bare feet,
Tingling breeze
on my skin,
The warm comfort
Of an aged jumper
Misty rain dampening
My hair,
A soft silenec all around,
Oh cool summer air,
You wash away my cares.