Blame it on science or our biological formation.
Blame it on a conceptual scapegoat or on unknown causes.
Do as you please.
No amount of avoidance will give you escape from self deceit.
No matter how many times you scrub away at layer upon layer of  you’ll never erase those sins.
No amount of bleach will cleanse your palms of the florescence glow beneath
a black light. 

Karen Hayward ©2016

Intoxicated energy.

Always such a rush to intoxicate,
The bottom of the bottle,
Just cannot wait.
You’re not looking for answers,
As you’re too scared to ask the questions.
It’s escape,
That you create,
A reclusive excuse,
So you never have to choose.
You drink fast,
lose your mask.
Replace it with another,
It is
The real you.
Is this true?
You’re not picky,
even when sicky,
Cidar, beer, wine
Or even a spirit,
Anything goes,
When you’re in the flow,
Rounded, smooth
Young or old,
Alcohol making you bold.
Always such a rush to intoxicate,
anything to avoid fate.