The Black Cat, Blue Sea Award.

Firstly, what a totally awesome name for an award!!

Thank you A.R.Minhas for this honor. What a beautiful award, recognising those that make an impact on their readers. Thank you so very much.

Please guys and gals take a moment to pop over to A.R.Minhas blog, just go ahead and click on the name and it will zoom you right over there.

There are rules, there are always rules :)…

The Rules are:

  1. Anybody nominated can nominate eight other bloggers.
  2. The nominee answers three questions posed by the nominee.
  3. The questions you ask while nominating can only be three questions.
  4. If any of the questions asked are offensive or the nominee simply does not want to answer, the nominee does not have to answer them to earn the award.

The wonderful questions posed to me are as follows…

My Questions:

  • What motivates you to blog?

Hm, interesting question. I think, my blog is my own, it is run by me, controlled by me and influenced by me. It is my corner of the world and this is my motivation we all need something that is our own and my writing is exactly that, I write for me and no one else and so my blog is a merely a platform for my soul to play, like a soul playground with swings and slides :).

  • What is your most embarrassing moment?

Hmm beyond blushing I don’t think I have a most embarrassing moment. We fuck up, it’s human nature but life is so much more fun if you laugh it off….perhaps my first ever smear, pretty sure I flushed red as hell for that!! Although when I think about it, as an introvert being put on the spot and reprimanded will always cause me to get embarrassed….and extremely emotional too!! But the same goes for publicly complimenting me this too will embarrass me.

  • Do you believe in the paranormal? If yes, can you describe an event that you can’t explain?

Yes, yes, yes, yes,yes, yes…I do. There are many many reasons for my belief. But the one I can describe with most clarity is many years ago I was walking to work, and listening to a bit of Roxette and day dreaming. I needed to cross a main road a very busy main road, the traffic lights broke the road into two, I had reached the mid section, and was still day dreaming, the road looked clear so I went to step out and out of the corner of my eye I saw an old man standing next to me with a walking stick…I stopped to look, a simple moments pause, as I turned to cross a car sped straight through…I turned back to look at the old man…he wasn’t there, I was alone in the middle of the road he was no where….I no longer day dream when crossing roads!! lol

Okay so nominations…..

zigzagstripes ha ha ha ha….oh your blog is so deserving of this award..a poet should always speak truth, and yours is always a delight piece of truth :).

Pawan Pawan, your blog is amazing, another slice of truth from the heart of an artist and beautiful soul.

Autism I’ve nominated your blog, because as a mum to a daughter with autism I know that it is the courageous voices like your own that is paving the way for her. Your blog is truly out standing.

Manuel you know right that I love your blog? Cos god I love your blog, it is so refreshing to see someone being brutally and beautifully honest…also i think you rock 🙂


And the questions…of course the all important questions…

  1. What are your future plans for your blogs?
  2. If you could travel anywhere…where, who with, tell me about it!!
  3. Worst/ best halloween memory…Please.


Okay, I got to four nominations, I usually do none and simply declare nominations for all…..I did good, four lol …..and for the other four….nominations for all 🙂



Liebster award. :)

Soooo, big thank you’s to the amazing  Just a Girl Lost 2 for nominating me for this wonderful liebster award. Thank you, it’s a truly beautiful honor to be nominated by an amazing writer as yourself ♥ ☺

Monique, over at Just a Girl Lost 2 has set these super eleven questions.

1. What do you love/hate most about writing?

I love…

  • the inspiration process, you know, you’re sitting there making a cuppa and all of a sudden words are swarming around in your mind and the excitement is fluttering away and you know in that split second that the world has to stop so you can write. It’s an amazing feeling for me, a story in rhyme will play out on replay, the emotions flooding me until I hear the scraping of lead on paper or my fingers tapping away at the keyboard or screen.
  • I also love the confidence writing has given me. I’m sure as writers we can all relate to that time when we would question every word we placed on the page, well I never did that, I was never brave enough to even place the words on the page until a few years ago and by this point I had a better understanding, I could see that for every poem I write, one person might love it, one person might hate it and this is just simply okay. I don’t write to please anyone. But what i’ve learned along the way is that all those things that I thought were too crap to be good…actually they are good, in their own rights, not compared to another persons, just alone, created by me. 🙂

2. What is your biggest phobia?

My biggest phobia, hmmm …roller coasters/ rides that go upside down, easily. I mean I’m not a fan of spiders but I can cope, I don’t like bee’s again I cope, I hate thunder and the dark, but I pull up  my big girl pants when I have too….never, ever again will I go on a ride that goes upside down. I’ve tried twice, first time I was a kid, second time an adult. As an adult I truly panicked i’ve never panicked like that before. I went on this tiny little ride thing that went upside down and then just kinda dangled you there for an eternity whilst rocking you back and forth. I swear the bar that came down was disintegrating, my body was slipping from under it, gravitiy was sucking me down head first, my screams were actually deafening me, but no where nearly as much as my own heartbeat. What was worse about this was that , there were three of us on the ride, me, my fella at the time and some random kid…yeah whilst i’m screaming like a fucker this little boy is just sitting back loving it. Fucking stupid rides. I feel pretty sure that this was the day where it all started to go wrong between me and the fella,  I was never able to forgive him for not breaking free of the metal pull down bar and jumping out to stop the ride with his own fucking teeth!!

3. Are you superstitious? If yes, give example(s)

Yes but only when I wanna be. I actually have a very logical mind and it constantly is searching for ‘reasons’ behind things, for example it’s easy to see why walking under a ladder is considered bad luck and any superstitions I find interesting I go and research because it fascinates me the way our minds work. However, having researched this a gazillion times I should be saying no, superstitions are not real…..bollocks lol This is one of the funnier ones I have read ‘A swarm of bees settling on a roof is an omen that the house will burn down.’ ….well hell yeah, obviously, cos if a swarm of bee’s be settling on my roof then i’m gonna take a blow torch to them!!!  🙂 (If you are reading this and you’re a bee lover, please know I am joking, everyone knows Bee’s only attack when attacked, I ain’t stupid enough to attack a Bee, trust me!) The truth is I have loads of little superstitions, you know my wonder woman knickers when I need an extra dose of courage, feathers mean angelic messages…symbols actually mean alot to me, pink sky at night and all that…there are lots more but they are the essence of me and if I told you them all I would have to destroy you afterwards…but my biggest superstition is ‘goodbye.’ goodbye means forever…I never say, at least never on purpose, i might say bye or laters or just avoid it altogether, I never say goodbye, because it means forever.

4. Would you read someone’s diary without telling them?

Hell yeah!! I would read, i’m sorry. However i am great with secrets and I would never ever use what I had read in a negative way…but yeah I would grab a coffee, biscuit and a blankie and settle in for a lovely long read 🙂

5. What is your guiltiest pleasure?

oh my god…chocolate…walking dead…criminals mind…Spencer Reed, God that character makes me weak at the knees. NCIS…..blankie times, naps…I have more but they might make you blush :)!

6. Have you ever been in a talent show?

Noooo lol you have to have talent for talent shows :). Does karaoke count? Does a talent show in the living room with my brothers and sisters count? Hmmm i should stick with no.

7. Ever have an imaginary friend?

Yep. When I was a toddler I pulled around a apiece of string, at the end of the string was an invisible dog called spot. He went everywhere with me lol !! My aunt has a picture of me in the garden with my piece of string :)…sigh, I miss my piece of string, I lost him on a bus, me and my Dad searched everywhere we even went to lost property, but he was lost forever :(….my Dad is bloody amazing lol

8. Push elevator buttons more than once?

Ummm maybe.

9. What’s your most hated smell?

Raw meat, you know butcher shops…raw turkey omg it makes me gag…vomit…this will make me vomit everytime, blood,

10. If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would it be?

My Grandad. I was a baby when we died and everyone else has memories of him except me. I want to meet him, I want memories of him, I want to feel his hands, see his smile hear his wise words.

11. Team player or Lone ranger?

Totally a team player…so long as i’m in charge of the team 🙂 nah I can do either within reason, I can work in a team but if I am working with a dickhead I will happily up and walk away and work on my own.

Huge thanks once again to Just a Girl Lost 2….seriously guys and gals give her a little looksy her writing is amazing.

Usually I like to set these little babies free to disperse into the world and I m doing exactly that, please, I nominate you all take this award with pride. I’m also going to hold onto it for a while though, so that when I come across a blog and I think wow I love this, I can just slap bang a liebster on them, just like that.

Liebster award!

Okay let me start by saying that I am completely pants when it comes to adding links and all that marlarky so fingers crossed this goes well :).

Here’s a song for you to listen to whilst you read all the great answers to the amazingly great questions set out by the lovely Autiwomandifferentbox


Liebster Award!!

A mahoosive thank you to Autiwomandifferentbox. Thank you kindly such a lovely award and your comment was wonderfully beautiful. Please do go hit up this blog Autism is not gonna be vanishing….ever. So the more brave writers like this stand up and scream about their journey, the better educated the population will become :). Also her posts are just go damn great.


The questions.

I love a bit of question answering I do, it’s fun and a great way to let you guys know a little more about me.

1. Please sum up your blog in 10 words?

Random words, unedited thoughts, second by second basis totally awesome. 🙂
2. What are your four favourite songs?

Really only four choices? Hmmm this is going to hard. Okay so I have this beautiful tendency to drive people crazy by playing the same song over and over again, repeat is my special friend and then boom I just stop listening to it. I tend to not really have favourites, it all depends on the mood that I am in. I am currently spilling myself all over Twenty one pilots, I am absolutely loving the lyrics to their songs and lyrics are what matter. A few months ago it was all about The Killers….for both of these bands the body language of the singers just makes me go all weak at the knees. But let me have a little think and a wander through youtube and see if I can find any songs that I return to over and over again.


Okay i’m back at this question. I still don’t actually have an answer. I love, absolutely love, love songs, I am actually a proper hopeless romantic,




3. What four things would you get rid of from the world? (try go for more trivial/fun things like beards, just as an example, not all saying world hunger we all want to get rid of that)

The buildings near my house, because they get in the way of the sun setting and it is really really annoying.

Bee’s and wasps cos they scare me. Okay I shall reword that…Bee stingers, I want to capture all the Bee’s and remove the pokey stinger.

Clothes…just saying the world would make more sense if we were all naked. We’d also be in the perfect position to also remove winter.

Flavoured chocolate, because too often I go to buy chocolate and discover it on the shelf next to mint flavour or orange flavour…do they not know that the flavour leaks and seeps into my deliciously plain normal flavoured chocolate? It’s like poison.

4. Would you prefer to be have the ability to teleport or the ability to fly?

I would love to be able to fly, the sights would be amazing, but let’s be honest it would be god damn freezing up there and forget wearing skirts or dresses, and my goodness like my hair doesn’t already look like i’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards most of the time! Nope. Teleportation, two clicks of a shoe and I am there. 🙂
5. What animal would you be?

Wolf….no Owl…no wolf, i’m sure….well maybe an owl.  Okay polar bear cos they are so bloody adorable I want one, I want to snuggle with one! Okay not polar bear I hate being cold. Back to Owl…but wolves are amazing too. Hmmmm okay i’m going with unicorn. 🙂
6. What possession (not person) do you cherish the most and why?

My headphones!!! They are broked 😦 one ear doesn’t work and I know I should go buy new ones but I love them, you can’t just be going and trading stuff in just because they get a little broked. Okay….why do I love them. For me they represent freedom. These specific ones have carried me from one world into another where I can explore everything in an untainted, unchallenged way. In a sense, I have heard music through them and they in return have listened to the deepest darkest thoughts in my mind. I love them. They are white. They are beauty. I lose them alot, I put them down and forget where i put them, when this happens it’s like someone has ripped out my heart.
7. What scares you the most?

The dark….indoors darkness.(outdoors darkness I absolutely love)! The shadows. The unseen. Thunderstorms at night time (day time storms not a problem!)  Not speaking what is on my mind but this is so difficult because my understanding of the world is so very different to other peoples, for example emotions and feelings don’t scare me in the slightest, I love feeling, but I often find people misinterpret this, so I keep it to a minimum which is hard cos this little soul of mine is capable of loving in sooooo many different ways and it would really, really like to be able to go round telling everyone that! Also I fear regret, majorly, and before every decision that I make I put an entire bucket load of thought into my actions, it often seems like I am winging it…I often am winging it, but actually my mind has already processed the situation.

Also people who don’t say things clearly, okay I would miss something if it came and bit me on the bum and I often find way after an event the other person involved we say ‘but…’ and ‘but I said/did this…’ nope, no assumptions made over here, this scares me because I am aware that I am reliant on people to be open, and people are rarely open.
8. Which is better breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Breakfast…but not at breakfast time. I don’t eat at breakfast time, I usually eat maybe around lunch time and seeing as I don’t really like sandwiches I tend to grab a bowl of cereal…usually porridge but at the moment i’m all about the cornflakes. oooooh one of my favourite ever songs!!!

I also eat cereal at bedtime…and sometimes when i’m up in the night, cos I have insomnia, so i’m usually up a few times a night just sitting and pondering looking into the dark skies :).

9. If you could be a fly-on-the-wall in any time period, anyplace, viewing anyone where, when, who, why would you be a fly-on-the-wall for that?

ooooh ooooh oooooh I wanna go back to day one.  Curiosity will always nag at me, it will always be what stops me from devoting myself to anything. I have to know the facts. If I can back to day one, I can see what really happened this would then allow me to make all future decisions based on evidence. Without evidence it comes down to blind faith, this world has taught me that to believe in anything blindly is stupid.
10. What would be your superhero power? Feel free to make up one doesn’t have to be traditional.

I’d like to be a crossover mutated superhero. I want to be able to touch others and absorb their powers whilst also being able to teleport and read minds. You see absorbing powers means I could be strong depending on what strength the situation requires. Teleporting means when I saw someone in need I could teleport them to safety, Reading minds means I would know when people were hurting…and who to chat up and when!!! ha ha
11. If you made an autobiography what would you call it? It can’t be your blog site name.

“The things I never told you.” lol I don’t know, to be honest it’s pure luck I even give my poems a title, i’d probably leave it blank and have a picture…..oh a mirror i’d just have a mirror on the front of the book! 🙂


Okay now the fun bit, I’m not going to nominate other blogs, this is because I nominate you all. If you have read this and thought this looks like fun, then hell get typing and link me in. Life is too short to wait for someone to tell you you are great, this is me telling you, that you are great and nominated. I will stick to Autiwomandifferentbox ‘s questions though because she did a super fine job of getting the questions together.

1. Please sum up your blog in 10 words?
2. What are your four favourite songs?
3. What four things would you get rid of from the world? (try go for more trivial/fun things like beards, just as an example, not all saying world hunger we all want to get rid of that)
4. Would you prefer to be have the ability to teleport or the ability to fly?
5. What animal would you be?
6. What possession (not person) do you cherish the most and why?
7. What scares you the most?
8. Which is better breakfast, lunch or dinner?
9. If you could be a fly-on-the-wall in any time period, anyplace, viewing anyone where, when, who, why would you be a fly-on-the-wall for that?
10. What would be your superhero power? Feel free to make up one doesn’t have to be traditional.
11. If you made an autobiography what would you call it? It can’t be your blog site name.


Karen Hayward © 2016

liebster award, big thanks.


So, I was just nosing through the spam folder and I found this hiding away in there as though it had no importance in my life. Oh my goodness, how wrong, such a big surprise though. Thank you annoymous !ndian for nominating me for this super fantastic amazing award.

The rules for this very prestigious award are as follows:

1. Display the Liebster Award badge on your blog.

2. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.

3. Answer the nominator’s 11 questions.

4. Nominate 11 other new bloggers.

5. Draft 11 new questions for the people nominated by you.

6. Notify your nominees.

So, annoymous !ndian gave me these lovely questions. I’m actually looking forward to answering these, as it’s been a while since i’ve really reached out and interacted on the blog.

1. If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

Oh Jesus Christ, I want them all. Lets start with Superman, now I love this guy, he can fly, is super strong and always comes swooping in to save the day just in time. I’d love to be able to just fly out of my window and float up there in space amongst the stars. Super strength would also be a great asset, and speed too, oh imagine how fast I could get the housework done, it would be good. As much as Superman is my real life super hero, and I do love my superman pjs, and jumper, seriously the man rocks my boat. But I think I saw on X-men one of the mutants had the power to change super powers, all he had to do was touch them and he took on their super power…power absorption…yeah I want that, I want a little teeny tiny bit of everything. Guys go check out this great page on super hero powers :).

2. Which book/movie character can you relate yourself the most with?

Oh this ones a toughy, i’m not entirely sure that I feel like I can relate to any characters. I think I often read to find escape, escape from me and my world, to explore how life could be or is for other people. However, there is a character in The Color Purple, Alice Walker. Mary Agnes, Squeak

‘Harpo say, I love you, Squeak. He kneel down and try to put his arms round her waist. She stand up. My name Mary Agnes, she say.’

This is the point when Mary Agnes takes control over her own life, she’s just raped and beaten. This simple line shows so much strength, it also shows the importance of a simple name, it is who we are, and who we refuse to be. I do have a thing about my name, it is the name I was given at birth, it is who I am, it is my strength and my power.

3.What inspired you to start blogging?

Nothing. Nothing inspired me to blog. I was completing my English degree and as part of my course I decided on a whim to choose an easier module (creative writing), I needed a rest and wanted to study something less intense and more enjoyable. I wasn’t expecting to be any good at writing. We were advised that we needed to be writing every day, a blog, it was advised, is a good way of doing that. So blindly I set up my blog with no idea of how or why. Like most things in life it soon became apparent what the purpose of my blog should be as I learned to write and explore different modes. Poetry came naturally to me in a way I never could have even have dreamed. It took a good year or so, for me to find my feet and truly start to bloom.

4. What is the most breathtaking sight you have seen?

Ok deep breathe, here I go;

  • my daughter, covered in slime and blood, wrinkled and crying, looking at me, looking at her for the first time,
  • my cat giving birth! seriously that stuff is crazy cool,
  • the moment my daughter and her besty managed to resolve a quarrel between the pair of them for the first time…they’re growing up!
  • I live at the seaside, and a few times a year we have a super massive high tide with waves crashing well over the sea defences. It is an amazing sight to see as this ferocious wave crashes down to earth followed by a seconds echoless silence.
  • Italy, such an amazingly unique creation.
  • A swarm of Dragonflies that kept visiting my garden in the summer last year! To see one is amazing, but too see a swarm of them dancing for you, breathtaking.

5. Books vs Movies? Which one do you think is better? Why?

99% of the time it is books.  The thing I love about books is that so much of the visualisation of the story is based upon your own life experiences. This allows us to connect to the story and truly relate, it gives us release and exploration of our own thoughts.

Sometimes, the film makers get it right though, sometimes. Game of Thrones I think is a great example of a book turned tv programme that has worked, and worked fantastically.

6. How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

I wouldn’t that’s just crazy talk, one sentence? Ain’t gonna happen…but i’ll try.

I’m a good soul with a wildly fierce spirit. 🙂

That wasn’t so hard!

7. What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

Another toughy. I guess its gonna have to be, not to judge another person and when and where you can offer support and understanding. I mean who really cares, aint my place to care. If someone is happy then we should celebrate that happiness, not try and tear it down. We could all do with caring a little less about the opinions off others, life is for living, your way. There is no happiness to be found by waking up each morning and hiding behind a mask that you just don’t want to be wearing. People will except you, or not. Those that don’t, most likely have nothing productive they can offer you anyway, so really there is no loss.

8. What’s your favourite colour?

Yellow…like daffodils and daisies. Red…like wild passion and crimson blood. Purple..I actually have no reason for loving purple and yet I find it every where in my life, I suspect purple may be a colour that my soul loves. My favourite colour can change from one moment to the next depending on my mood.

9.  If you could travel anywhere in the world and money was no object, where would you go? Why?

America, route 66. Why? Intrigue I think.

10. Have you ever believed in ghosts?

Yes. As a kid I believed that ghosts were every where, hiding, waiting to scare me. As an adult my beliefs and knowledge have advanced. I don’t not believe in ghosts, but I am forever looking for proof, not ready just yet to blindly believe in something that I cannot see, and I think this is a good thing, I think that when we finally accept something like this, we stop searching and advancing, and instead accept blindly what we are told.

11. If you could live your life in a fictional world (like Panem, Hogwarts etc.) which one would you choose?

Narnia…no, no, no down the rabbit hole….no, no, no Hogwarts. Fuck it i’d be a fictional world hopper, diving between worlds as and when I wanted too!

Oh that was fun!

So who do I nominate….YOU. Yep that’s right, did you stop and read this, yep? Then you is nominated! So show me some love! The questions are as follows;

1. Odd socks? Love them or loathe them? When was the last time you wore odds?

2. It’s late at night and you’re peckish, what naughty food do you crave?

3. What does your dream home look like? (if money were no problem)

4. Elsa or Anna and why? (Frozen)

5. What are your secret reading habits? (I like to read old ladies magazines at the doctors surgery!)

6. What’s the funniest joke you know?

7. What is your fave book and why?

8. When the zombie apocalypse happens, what’s your plans for survival?

9. What is the toughest lesson you have had to learn in life?

10. Real book or e-reader, and why?

11. What are your plans if over night the entire world loses internet connection?

Ha ha have fun guys!

Awards-seven things all about me!

angel awardvibaward


Ohhhh I have been a very lucky gal just lately and have managed to be nominated for two amazing awards. The first ‘Inspiring us 1 blog at a time, Angel award’ is by the lovely and amazingly energetic blogger Flippyzipflop…..I’m not technoligically minded enough to be certain that this ping back malarky is actually gonna work! I have absolutely Jack shit to do in response to this amazing award, except to say thank you, it is much appreciated, I can choose, if I like to reblog it on, and that is actually my choice. I choose to send this award out to every single blog that I follow here on wordpress. I follow you because in some way you inspire, enlighten or entertain me, you all deserve the award.

My second award (seriously can you tell it’s the school holidays, i’m so far behind, if anyone has a few hours and a couple of pairs of hands they’d like to lend me then please, send them my way!) ‘Very inspiring blogger award.’ is nominated by Jemverse, another amazing blog but with the added advantage of great pictures along side the poetry! Thank you for nominating my blog, hell, thank you for even reading my blog!


To qualify for the ‘Very inspiring blogger award.’ I do have to share seven things about myself…..

  1. I don’t like people that lie, pretend, fabricate or recreate the truth. Honesty is a simple act. Ask me anything and i’ll always tell the truth, the key of course is in asking the right questions.
  2. I love, love. There I said it, beneath my tough exterior I am a complete romantic. I love, love stories, love songs, love poems, I love too see love, I love too hear love, but most of all I actually love to give love.
  3. I am a cold blooded person. Completely, even now in the middle of summer i’m in a jumper. Pretty much all year round I am cold, always cold, my fingers, toes, hands, feet, my entire body is cold. Sometimes (last night) even in the summer I take a hot water bottle to bed with me, I crave heat for comfort on the nights when I am just soooo cold.
  4. I do not know a complete line of any of the songs that I sing. I sing them anyway making up the words as I go along. It goes something like this….(i’ll just go and see what my last youtube song was and we’ll take it from there.) bleurgh it was Snow Patrol Run, says it all at the moment, i’ll go choose another, in fact holy fuck why does Youtube feel the need to keep a list of what songs i’ve been listening to! Ok, I don’t even know what this song is called but it is one of those ones that I sing constantly, when i’m out, in, lining up, probably even when i’m sleeping! ‘I dont wanna dance, dance with me baby no more, your a fucking waste of time, ive got a feeling thats fine, a feeling thats fine….repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. You get the idea!
  5. My dream destination, the one place that my soul actually aches to go to is America. Route 66, not on some stupid tour led by an under paid worker though. I want to go with friends, real friends, a lover maybe too, I don’t know, I just know I want people that I love along side me, people that will see the beauty, the curiousness, the intrigue, the ugly, the unique, the different and the amazing, that I see.
  6. I hate flavoured anything! And oh my goodness I hate it when shops think it is ok to put normal flavoured chocolate next to mint or orange flavoured chocolate, seriously guys that flavour seeps through and completely ruins my chocolate, ruins my day, ruins my life. It is like poison on my tongue. I love dairy milk chocolate, vanilla ice cream, water…basically I like anything that is not flavoured. ohhhh and I hate flavoured, flavoured stuff, you know that horrid fake strawberry flavour they stick into sweets, poison!
  7. I am not afraid. I am not afraid to be different. I am not afraid to stand up alone and defend someone, something, anything that I believe in. I have stood alone for most of my life, I’ve made good friends with my shadow.

The rules.

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Add the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” logo to your post.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers who inspire you.
  • Include the set of rules.
  • Let your nominees know by posting a comment on his/her blog or including a ping back.


My 15 nomineees are….going to have to wait, so for now, I am nominating every single blogger that stops to read this post,why? because we all inspire one another in different ways, so we all deserve the award!

‘Very inspiring blogger award.’


To accept this award, awardees must

  • Display the award on their blog
  • Announce their win with a blog post and thank the blogger who made the nomination
  • Present 10 deserving bloggers with the award
  • Link the awardees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment (or ping-back)
  • Include an embedded video of their current favourite song.


Holy crap, FlippyZipFlop
(find her here
Firstly the fact that you got this award really pleases me. You have such enthusiasm and spirit, you really do bring an amazing energy and honesty to your blog that makes it both a fresh and intriguing read. I love reading your posts!


Thank you for nominating me for the award on the grounds  “For the beautiful work that comes day after day.”    Thank you FlippyZipFlop (Kate).


Ok so now it is my turn to pass on this amazing award, and I pass it along too….….I just simply love the way you slip ‘masturbation’ into your writing, there is a raw, honest feel to your words. It reminds me to keep my work real.….I think you are an amazingly strong,honest and brave writer, the world needs more of these, especially in regards to your topic choice.….Your writing has bite and truth, beautiful yet honest. Inspirational.….I’m still courageously exploring erotic writing and whenever I come across your posts your images take my breath away. They are amazingly erotic, the perfect partner for your writing.…. For writing beautiful and inspiring words.….For writing that is playful, thoughtful and without fear.….A beautiful combination of imagery, words and thoughts.….I am nominating you for this award because I like the fact that you reblog (and give full credit) to other blogers, there is something extremely inspirational and kind and friendly about this, that gives me a sense of hope in the world.….Your writing is fun, your writing is deep, your writing is layered. But, whatever you have written, there is a sense of energy on the page.….Beautiful images paired with beautiful words, this is a very inspirational blog.

Phew, hopefully i’ve done it all right! Choosing only ten blogs was surprisingly hard. The blogs I follow, I follow by choice because each and every one of them inspires me in a different way.

Ok lastly I need to embed my current favourite song….who knew that choosing just one single song could be so hard. I have been thinking, hard about this since I got the award a few days back and I have nout! Seriously i’m not really a favourite kinda girl, I like lots of things, love loads of things, adore other things and…well you get the idea. So I rang my Dad, told him my dilemma, he laughed, a lot. Once as he was done laughing he suggested his favourite song ‘Always look on the bright side of life.’ good call Dad, but not today, it did however get me thinking. So this is one of my favourite songs.