When lust is the equilibrium

A love that intrudes upon a sinner
the vitreous belief of innocence
Worthy beyond this lust now that lingers
And tames those wild flames, fires of defiance

Can such exist within reality?
monochrome hopes of Philia rising
Swimming in shallow depths of fantasy
spirit waned, drained, dull and duly drowning.

Alas, death would bring such peace to mere days
suffocating stifled air, spluttering
through the fractured death of celibate haze
that deems lust is the devils muttering.

But what if love could be tamed, bled with lust,
balancing the scale, with desire a must?

Karen Hayward ©2018
Image and words


Darkest Light.

Darkest Light

and all drowning
my essence of night.
Deepest blue,
darkest burgundy,
it matters not,
my essence is cloaked
in this state, this void.
Think not of my night
and my aura as negative
for a dark state
can be a canvas.
A blank page for
something bright
to create. . .something
bright to form
my nights’ sky
and give it character.
and make it
come alive.

Yet it should consume me.
Darkness such as the night sky
should devour me, swallowing
my essence into oblivion.
Do you see me?
I am a mere whisper
of light lost in the echos of time. Yet,
when you lay me upon
your dark essence,
your canvas
becomes my art.
Your depth is my contrast.
I tip toe through your darkest blues
leaving illuminated kisses.
My essence, glimmers and glistens
upon your touch, for my light. . .
is love,
created by your darkness.

Words & Image
©5-2017 Locthiese/Karen Hayward

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Whispers from the universe.

I feel the vibrations in my soul,

the passion of a burning flame

ignite inside. The lure of the full

moon and all her power  runs through

my veins. I feel the earth as she spins

and the universe as she blinks. I feel

the ebbing tide as King Triton rages

a storm and the calm of the mermaids song.

I feel the breeze against my skin and

the wisdom of the leaves within.

I feel the night sky and the dying stars

I feel the emptiness of a blue sky without

edges. I feel the birds as they fly free wings

strong and able, I feel the catalyst as the

caterpillar turns and the dragon fly skips

across water. I can feel the universe.

I understand that everything has perfect

balance, I can feel the energy that ignites

my spirit, but I cannot find balance. I

do not know how to fly when my wings are broken.

I do not know how to transform into the

butterfly, I do not know how to run freely

like the breeze. I can feel the universe, I hear

the message. I do not know how to create balance.

I can not see me, I do not know how, to be me.


Karen Hayward ©2015.


Fires burn and ashes float.

Can you see through the desire?

Do you see I am more than a raging fire?

I can be the flame that dances to the flute

my truth is not under dispute.

But I am whole and that is not

do you see the bit that even I forgot?

Karen Hayward  ©2015