For a moment I go home

I perch half naked
on the side
of my bed listening
as the evening
passes by in gentle
hues of blue
and a gentle touch
of pink. I listen.
Past the Saturday
night traffic
wheels whirring
into tomorrow
Past the youngens
swigging from
bottles marked
“one way ticket to adulthood”
Past the squabbles
of lovers becoming
Then I find it.
The gulls calling
to me from salt lined
shores, sea mist
reaching for my
soul, home.
I perch half naked
on the side of my bed
close my eyes and
for a moment
I go home.

Karen Hayward ©2018
Image and words

I dream of a sand filled setting sun.


Sun kissed skin,

eyes that sparkle blue

a hint of sun shimmering

on sea salt curls.

watching the setting sun.

Rays of golden heat traipsing

across my bare shoulder,

dancing through damp hair.

Sand covered legs,

shorts almost dry

skin prickling from the days heat.

Beside me, you.

As the sun drops from the skies,

the one that sees what I feel.

Karen Hayward ©2017

Image and words

Beneath burning skies.


Walk here with me, wet sand beneath our feet and the evening sun trailing across our faces. The sea gulls squawking for left over chips and the ebbing ocean kissing the shores lips. Pale blue skies above and soft clouds wandering across the horizon. We’ll walk a moment in silence and hear only the dancing melody of our souls as they skip along beside us their fingers entwined as one. Walk with me here toward the descending sun and skies of flaming beauty. Deep pink hues that radiate the aching desire of our spirits as the ocean laps at our feet pushing us ever closer together.  Let us pause as the spirit of the ocean envelopes us; as mermaids sing in perfect harmony as sprites skip across the surf and fairies dance between the grains of sand. Walk with me here along a deserted shore beneath a burning sky, trace the contours of my body with the tips of your fingers. And as the sun bids farewell and we are plunged into darkness, pause here with me, together we will trace the contours of our passion beneath night skies and twinkling stars.

Karen Hayward ©2016 (image and words)

A forgotten wish.

Writing prompt…beach.


Beneath the sun my fringe bleaches blonde, I know this because I let the red grow out just long enough to remember who I am beneath the mask. I remember the days when i was younger, before I discovered black; hair dye, lipstick and nail vanish. When my hair waist length, would bleach completely blonde beneath the sea salt that clung to the curls. Every summer since I have missed this.

I have a dream left over from those carefree days spent swimming beneath the sun.

One day, with sun kissed cheeks, eyes that sparkle blue and a hint of sun shimmering on sea salt curls I want to watch the setting sun. Rays of golden heat traipsing across my bare shoulder and dancing through my damp hair. Sand covering my legs, shorts almost dry as my skin begins to prickle from the days heat.

Beside me is that person in the universe that hears the beating of my heart as the sun drops from the skies, the one that sees what I feel.

Karen Hayward ©2016.

It will soon be summer.


It will soon be summer and my skin will be kissed with soft rouge. The whites of my eyes will shine and the blues will become deep pools of paradise oceans. Blackberries will grow wildly in forgotten alleys pecked by hungry birds. The days will be too hot and the nights hotter. We’ll store up old bottles with a ‘squirter’ lid and we’ll cool our bodies with impromptu water fights. We’ll scream as we hop from one foot to another when the cold water hits our skin. There will be squeals of delight as we cool before the setting sun. Laughter will echo. There will be Bee’s and we will panic. We will rise before the world awakes and walk along the shore before the buzzle of tourists arrive. There will be people, so many people. Sand will coat the bottom of the bath, bags, shoes, socks we’ll still be finding it months after summer leaves. The towels will smell of the ocean and our shell collection will be replenished. I will collect shards of glass that have been worn down by the tide. We will visit nature reserve a and walk in the silence of trees, sunlight dancing through through the leaves. We will collect fossils to show the Naze man and he will laugh with us at our collection, he will give you a Sharks tooth and tell you how the shark emitted it from its body hundreds of years  before, you my dear will giggle and thank him. We will stand on the edge and peer over, we will peer up, I will ponder the process of evolution. The nights will drag as the heat simmers in the air and stars will look down at us, there eyes sparkling. The summer will be with us soon and before we know it Autumn will be knocking at our door with the falling leaves.

Karen Hayward ©2016 words and image.

Davy Jones locker.


Each grain of sand a broken heart saved by Davy Jones to insulate his locker. The melancholic melody protected in the Seas of the fallen. Soldiers of the depths collecting pain as I collect the tiny shards of green glass beaten and worn down by pain until it is spat back ashore, smooth and frosted. I ponder as I search the tiny piece of glass, how much heart ache did it take before it reemerged as this tiny slice of beautiful perfection.

Karen Hayward ©2016