Blue eyes Husky

Old man up my road
owns a white
Siberian husky.
He pounds along
the path chasing
cats, pulling old man
here, there
His bark is fierce
splits atoms
demands attention.

Old man up the road
pauses at our gate,
for Husky blue eyes
searches for his
Princess blue eyes and
he finds her.

Husky stands tall
with his front paws
perched atop the
Black iron gate.
Head bowed.
He does not bark,
jump, skip or
dance with
He patiently waits.

Small girl squeels
with delight
‘our friend, mummy’
she looks to me
for permission.

Permission granted.

Small girl walks steadily
to the gate leaving
behind her fears
and anxiety.
Husky holds his position.
Pausing a foot away
she reaches out small
tender fingers…

Husky smells, a small
dance in his back paws
as her fingers delve
deep into his fur
they rub heads for
a split second
then husky is calm
blue eyes searching
blue eyes, she smiles.

Old man tells me
he ain’t never seen husky
like this with no one…
She must be special he says.

Old man knows.
Husky knows.
I know.

One day she too will know.

Karen Hayward ©2018

Image and words ♥

When love tastes so good damn pure …

I envy them, him, their love has a pureness seen only in the final pages of old dusty fairytale books, each kiss I believe renders them immortal, spells dispersed and magic created in the enchanted presence of such a love as theirs.
Such a simple existence, a moments kiss and passion fills their auras spilling outward, exploding into the melancholy day and yet, a kiss filled with so much desire and not an iota of indecency, as though they are God’s angels, as though their love is blessed by the heavens and coveted in white feathers. They speak with their eyes, knowing glances that say, ‘ill be back soon my love, but in these seconds without you, know only this, I exist for you, for you.’ I envy them, him, her, I envy them.

Karen Hayward ©2018
Image and words

This is an observational poem on a couple I see almost daily, in the latter part of their lives now they still love each other with a pure depth, she stands at the gate waving till he’s at the end of the road, where he gives her one last wave before he turns the corner… It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

Singing to my soul.


I open a window and sit huddled in front of it. The morning air is humid, freshly fallen rain adds a twist of freshness that travels across the beaks of birds in song. Beneath grey clouds I listen to the orchestra and wonder whether mother nature or the universe is their conductor. Heavy cars are sporadically spilling up the road, tires dragging through the puddles, engines disturbing the music. Then silence erupts but for the whistling lovers that sit up in the trees. Their song washes over me as the rain begins to fall cleansing the start of another day.

Karen Hayward ©2016

A promised scent.

Conditions are perfect.

The sky a deep navy blue

littered with stars.

The light from a half moon

glowing delicately.

No clouds to offer insulation

as the wet ground from the days

earlier attempts begins to freeze.

The air is cold, crisp, refreshing

to my soul,

and is scented with the soft promise

of snow.


Karen Hayward ©2016


Red Sky in the Morning.


Red sky in the morning is a shepherds warning but all I see is beauty.

As pink skims across the clouds kissing the world all I see is beauty.

As pink turns to orange and orange turns to yellow, all I see is beauty.

The rose quartz of the universe, all I see is beauty.