Dark morning mist.

Soft mist clings lovingly to the tree

as the morning dew leaves droplets

sparkling across the tips of the grass.

Darkness still reigns as the moon

drops her head slowly toward her

daytime pillow. And any second now

I know the sun will reach her fingers

up across the roof tops. The morning

is still, I can hear no birds, I can

hear no Tom cats calling to his

lover. Just darkness, interrupted

by the casual morning worker,

carry along his wake up juice. The soft

mist dances now, circling its prey.

Delilah’s army.

This is the story of my amazing niece Delilah and her beautiful family, please read it here, Delilah and here.

Delilah is fighting cancer, her family and friends have become an army of supporters ‘Delilah’s army’.

Please head on over to her facebook story and offer your support, show Delilah she is not alone. Together we can beat cancer.

Follow her Dad’s twitter story here.

This is her fundraising page here.

And this here is the little princess herself, looking beautiful as always.

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Rainbow in a concrete city.

Dear Mr all that you are,
I saw a rainbow today,
in the sky from afar,
In a concrete city with
An horizon of cars.

Storm clouds descended
Rain fell hard,
never ending,
and there in the sky a multitude
of colours,
the earth was lending.

And I thought of you,
As the beauty spread
through each hue,
Mingling together
And staying true.

The little ray of red,
Deep, intimate sensuality
that calls me to bed
With fantasies shared,
and thoughts that we’ve said.

And the warmth of orange,
Without a rhyme,
And the truth of actions shown through time.

The sun through the storm,
as the world turns cold,
You are the welcome warmth,
You are the catalyst, you are the thaw,
that warms this heart, that is so worn.

You are the fresh green grass,
And budding growth
the spring that never lasts
but returns each year
with loyalty as a mask.

The blue sky always there,
Filling the world with a
Promise, to always share
You’re every where I look,
the reason I care.

You are the indigo of life,
always urging me to do
What I feel is right,
You are the beauty in
A dark star lit night.

And you awaken my passion,
With the ease
of a summer breeze,
With true violet fashion
the most natural of reactions.

You are the beauty I see in the trees,
The strength that has gone,
but returns before long,
You are the warmth in a sea of coldness,
the smile that is absent,
the kindness that has left.
You are beautiful.

Capricorn moon, how you make me swoon.

Black moon that
In a perfect back drop,
Please do not stop.
There in a darkened sky,
slowly you fly, by.
The dying stars your audience,
Upon you i lay my reliance.
Your face is the beacon of light,
that lays in wait,
for the final fight.

Early morning moon,
How you make me swoon.
So soft against the light blue sky,
You are the reason i try.
Fading away, you disappear,
the reason, i see now, is clear.
We all need to stop,
with life as our back drop.
A chaotic flutter of energy,
We must all sometimes fade,
To avoid the feeling of jade,
To reach the stars and be free.

Oh beautiful moon,
I honour thee,
Up higher than all,
each morning you fall,
Each night you climb,
Waiting always for the