A weed now grows where

a flower, once stood.

Beyond the whispering trees,

in the abandoned woods.

A backdrop of fog, grey and white

pushing her forward

through the desperate night.

Stones at her feet where soil should lay

a breeze travels through,

lost, alone, thrashing

all in its way.

A weed now stands,

where a flower once dropped,

petals of pink

as she began to sink.

Her fragrant scent sits soft in the air,

before that day,

when she used to care.

Now her heart lays bare

as summer comes,

and autumn leaves,

as her world turns cold

and she grows old.

Too soft the wind told,

too pretty and bold,

a gift as precious as solid gold.

A weed now grows, strong,

its stem rooted and long,

she points her eyes toward

the struggling skies.

Remembering the soft pink

ebbs of time,

when all around things were fine.

She whispers on the moist white air

that life has never been fair.

A weed now stands where a

flower once grew,

her appearance has changed,

but her hearts still true,

for she is the flower

that you once knew.

Dreaming of a sandless land.

Run away with me, for a moments peace,
To a far away land covered in trees.
Let time stop as our fingers touch,
and our bodies take in the surreal hush.
Lay beside me, unclothed and draped in golden sun light,
Watch the morning skies become a beautiful night.
Run with me through delicious sand,
Frolick in the ocean where the sea does land.
Run away with me for a moments peace,
When sleep does hit, and we get release,
Listen for me as you explore your land,
And I’ll look out, for the golden sand.

Cherry blossom in a sea of beauty.

Blue skies and stars that twinkle,
pink petals that float softly on the breeze,
And whistle through the trees.
I stop to hear these.

Deep pink sunlight that creeps through the trees,
bringing me down, onto my knees,
Healing my heart, my soul and my mind,
Telling me always, that i’m a magical find.

Ferocious water crashing on land,
Reaching out to take my hand,
Caressing my body,
the beautiful sea,
Reflecting the image of me.