..and they bottled the good the bad and the ugly

… And so he collected pain in small jars and labelled them the past, with a footnote for the future…

… And so she collected pain in small jars and labelled them the future with a footnote for the past…

… And when she appeared he knew within his core…

… And when he appeared she knew it was her call…

… And those jars of pain that belonged to another, they whispered, shouted, screamed and demanded take cover…

… Believing her to be the devil…

…he opened up their lids at the first hurdle and let their essence spill…

… But she was the angel sent to save him..

… And so in fear she tumbled, the jars fell smashed upon the floor…

… And now she drowns in his despair no hand reaching there…

… For he was the angel sent to save her…

… And now, alone, she wonders if he was the devil.

…and they collect pain in small jars upon a shelf…


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P.s -I love your soul.

I’ve been writing with Ron this morning, go check out his blog  and when I say writing I mean we chat, we put the world to rights then he magically turns it into a poem, he’s clever like that :).


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Every day I watch as you blindly follow

walk through your days

staring nonchalantly at the concrete

as though reading

from the cracks

subliminal messages

hypnotizing you like reality is a fact.


People break us;

Infect us.

We carry that sickness;

To the heart of who we are!


I’m a fucking character in real life

That’s why I write such great shit.

You don’t think i get it?


You think I can’t see that I write like shit?

You think it’s supposed to be something more?

Superficial on the hole –  like preparation H?


No one is prepared for this line;

That will  spill like a fountain down a volcano,

to burn you.

Everyone’s loving it now!

Everyone’s loving it now!


Wave your hands through the cinders!

wave your hands through the cinders!

the longer we endure :

the more we burn.


Look at how much a clown  like me

Turns stupid shit profound!

I turn frowns upside down!


I’ve imbued my-selves

into the hearts of men and women;

Unlike anyone I’ve ever known!


I’ms sorry if you can’t see

but that takes fucking talent.


There are few like me!

I’m on my knees pleading!


We are a rare breed!

We don’t need fucking leeches trying to suck us dry!

Everyday I’ve fuckin tried to understand!

What it means to be normal!


I can make another whole

whilst they turn me into an endless broken blackhole!

For I only give! And you only take!

I fill your gaps;

Whilst you smash holes in me.


What does it mean to love?

To complete a person?

Make someone whole ?


Who knows.

P.s – I love your soul.


Written By Karen and Ron 

©Image Karen Hayward 2016

Staircase biult of despair.

I don’t know how I came to find myself at the bottom of the deep abyss.
I gave you my all,
You let
You never reached for my hand,
watched as i lay crumpled from my land.
For a while i stayed right there,
Darkness consuming me.
betrayal and hate filled my thoughts,
Till finally i saw what i sought.
I boxed up your hate,
Looked up past the darkness,
To the freedom gate,
And i as i stood upon your hate filled stuff,
I knew i could do it,
It would be tough,
It would be rough,
but it’s me that i love.
So i pile them high,
look up to the sky,
as i climb this ladder of
Broken dreams,
To reach those warm, sun, beams.