Bday parties

It’s my daughters birthday in 6days, she is very much dominating my thoughts with a last minute declaration that actually she does want a party…a cat themed party,with a hand made Cheshire cat cake. A party that caters for her blind best friend, her diabetic best friend, her autistic best friend and not to mention her own autistic and SPD needs…..I’ve considered hiding in a dark corner till the day passes, but she keeps finding me!  Anyway with so much dominance inside my mind I suspect she will be falling onto my page alot over the next few days…..

Anyway today’s thought is very simple…..

there is nothing I wouldn’t do to see that smile…there is nothing more beautiful than a soul that smiles..except perhaps the impromptu singing, switch me off all you like, the singing stays :-).

Karen Hayward 2016

Open your eyes.

Where upon you see the mechanics of an Edwardian clock,
the rhythmic hands moving in accordance to the greying frock,
the pleasantries of obedience don’t run a mock,
and the gold band, for the soul, an eternal lock.
With blind eyes you see form but the atoms are lost.
You see a sky of lights not the oncoming frost.
You see nothing familiar, yet don’t know that you’re lost.
You’re unable even, to calculate the loss.
I’d ask that you trust in my words and see what I see,
but you can’t, you already believe you are free.
I’d ask that you look and see life’s melody,
but her music makes you want to up and flee.
I’ve asked that you try, you ask i leave you be.
I fear on my path you will not follow me,
for you are blind and I can see.

Karen Hayward ©2016