Lose yourself in crystal blues.


Can you feel my need in every

word expressed spilling across

paper and nothing less. Poetic beauty

sensual art let me paint desire across

my skin so you may admire my form in

pure sin. Butterfly kisses across hips on

soft skin of finest porcelain, I am lost in need

an internal yearning for your seed. Give into me,

let my fingers roam where kisses trail let me taste

your lips, your tongue, give me the parts

not reached by the sun. Devour me with

Renewed vigour, take me, use me, hold

me tight within your arms….hold me

close become my calm.

Karen Hayward ©2016

Image found on interest.

Mirage of blue.

Swim naked with me in a pool of blue,
Just me and you.
Take of our masks, and remove our disgiuse,
Wash away the curious whys.
Forget the woes of our being,
Everyone needs a rest from seeing.
Watch the dragonfly,
As she skips across the sky.
Once a beauty born of the sea,
Now she soars happy and free.
Let us pause along our paths,
Take time to let our souls feel us laugh.
Swim naked with me in a pool of blue,
Learn the things you never knew,
Forget the past and relish in the new,
Swim with me in a pool of blue.