I want to walk barefoot upon the moon. 

I want to walk on the moon, 

bare foot with universal star 

dust dancing through my tresses. 

I want to stand upon its naked form 

and stare into the blackness. 

I want to sing among the stars. 

I want to look back at earth 

see Gaias true beauty from afar. 

I want to swim in lakes of moon light, 

naked and unashamed watching numerous 

suns rise across my horizons. 

I want to wear meteor did upon my dress,

skimming my knees a full circle

that twirls as i walk, 
teased by the breeze. 

I want to ride chariots of the Gods, 

traverse the skies in the simplicity of innocence
On the blood of purity. 

I want to walk bare foot upon the moon. 
Karen Hayward *© 2017

Tomorrow I’ll write my bucket list 


Tomorrow I’ll write my bucket list. 

I’ll fill it with love and hope and pleasures divine,

and snippets of dreams that are mine all mine. 

I’ll wander on shores of burning sands

explore new and undefined lands. 

I’ll bravely declare the dreams in my heart,

The secrets I whisper alone in the dark.

Visions of barges, campervans and beetles,

painted creatively with life as my easel. 

Petals to touch, flowers to smell, leaves to feel,

Memories to make, to make so very real.

They’ll be odd socks, purple shoes and bare feet,

thousands of wishes that truly define me. 

And songs of the past played live on a beach,

and listening to you play, whilst im upon my knees.

I’ll fill my list with glorious scents from the jasmine star petals

to candy floss swirling in a bowl made of metal. 

I want to see owls, peacocks and tiny white goats,

I want to see ponds where lily pads float. 

I want to watch nature roar angry and sore

I want to walk through all the locked doors. 

Tomorrow I’ll write my bucket list,

Fill it with dreams and things that I wish,

and there at the top I’ll scribble your kiss.
Karen Hayward ©2016