Fucking hell i’m not a fairy tale slave!

I checked, and I checked again. I can’t speak to the birds

I ain’t got a super evil step mother, and ain’t no

sparkly fairy godmother waiting at my door asking

me about pumpkins mice and fucking twelve strikes of the clock.

So guess what? Stop. Just fucking stop.

I checked. I checked again. I  don’t have hair of ebony

or blood red lips. I don’t like apples and I ain’t a fan of

ribbons and I ain’t stupid enough to shack up with

seven fucking men no matter what size they are!

So guess what? Stop, fucking hell stop!

I don’t have hair that touches the floor.

I’m not a fairy tale girl that is begging for more.

I’m not a slave to this life and your fucking chores.

Fuck me open your eyes and see the fucking score!

So guess what? Yep..fucking hell stop giving me more!!