All the things I cannot be

Alas, I cannot give to you the transcendence of celestial grace whispered on the warm sigh of the universe. I cannot make promises of eternal oneness our souls lost within the essence of same. The heavens may not be ours and the skies may never rain tears of joy for solace of our unity. I have no power to wield such fantasies, I have only the now. I cannot command the universe, I can only command my heart. I know not the frequency of existence, I know only the love I have for you. I cannot give you transcendence, for I have only the power to love. I have only love to give you. I have only love to give you. It is raw and lacks the boundaries of beauty. It is real and lacks the veil of falsities. It is love and it transcends the edge of time it wields the power of life. It is all I have. My love for you is all I have to offer.

Karen Hayward ©2016 (Image and words)

The waters trickle, fall and weep.

Aside the listless waters of time
reflections fractured now stilled
in stagnant whispers of bleak void
an endless stream of magic borne
wars fought and promises sworn.

I see the contours of my soul on waters edge
Shimmering beneath the debris of existence
Illuminated by my darkest light
It reaches from out the depths of hell
to sooth the speckled witches spell.

But alas, I am neither elemental nor
nor am I sister to Lilith or a soldier of the dammed
I am the waters curve, the rippled playground
as dragonflies dance upon my skin
stealing precious nectar for their King.

I am the reflection the mirrored voice
the distant echo of ancient blood
essence skimming on luna tides
the silent eyes suffocating in vivid blues,
drowning in the scent of knowing truths

I am the fractured, stagnated waters
curdled by minds descent
I am the Illuminated body of tides
empowered for my ascent
I am the lucid astral plane
the love of which you dreamt
I am the reflection, rippled in pain
I am the reflection, I am my pain.

Karen Hayward ©2018

Imageand words

Lunar crystalline beads of ever beating life.


If I wielded sand grains in a broken hour glass
tore kinetic energy from the fabric of time
Ripped a hole in the linear vortex
for a moment I’d make you mine

Beneath star filled skies and a distant moon
damp air clinging to my skin
owl hoots a chorus of ancient wisdom
the silent echo
a lover’s blanket of need wrapped about my body’s bloom

Each breath filling my lungs with your essence
I’d drink in the dark pools of your eyes
trace the heart of your lips with my mouth searching for your taste
beneath celestial skies.

Our horizon lost in endless fog
the muting of reality
my body falling into yours
the melding of our existence
the paused shadow hovering above life’s forgotten arrow
sundial engulfed in past darkness illuminated by lunar crystalline beads of ever beating life

I would hold those grains of
sand in my hands
count the blessings of their moments
ensnare them
bind them to my fantasy
Mold them to my reality
Forget them in the black
hole of desire

Our lips devouring the soul
our tongues tracing a faded constellation of our love
searching for home and finding
each other
between the paused beats of
times ticking
hands traversing the infinite
skies of dreams.

Karen Hayward (c)2017
Image and words

In Loves Universal Aura.

I have had the amazing opportunity to write alongside Duane in this collaboration. Thank you Duane, it has been too long since I have looked up and written about the stars. 🙂 +Duane Phillips

In Loves Universal Aura.

Is it truly a vast emptiness of infinite darkness,
Illuminated by speckled lights beyond our reach,
For I see celestial tears illuminating heaven’s breath.
Angel wings embracing my soul as an eternal magnitude
Of beauty whispers of caught wishes and hope’s belief
In love’s universal aura

Heaven’s beauty, earth’s treasure with this chasm fixed
Love, light, beauty, paradise we seek beyond the rainbow
Did I hear angel wings? Thought I heard voices sing
Anthems of celestial promise fill my ears. A heavenly
Chorus hastens my yearning. Love, light, beauty, paradise
Oh cherubs, receive my prayers with love’s universal aura

Lost in twilight’s mirage, a mere speck in infinite space,
yet, angels golden breath upon my cheek in the swarming
darkness. The infinite presence in capacious skies,
Tenebrosity looms, enlightened spirits reach for the
ethereal realms of paradise. As souls entwine amidst
silver petals illuminating celestial horizons in loves universal aura.

Karen Hayward ©2017 Duane Phillips ©2017
Image ©2017 Karen Hayward

To love to be whole.


To love, to be whole. To swim in the shallow waters of the divine in a lust filled lake of desire. To adore, to feel the essence of love upon your words and drink them in quenching the deep thirst, the need to love, not be loved.  To cherish the treasures of your being, the caught moments between the beating of times aging heart. To love, beyond the confines of physical need and know what my soul feels like.To know the shadows of intuition and the glaring streaks of butterfly dances as their wings scrape the surface of my heart sending it into rapid flutter. Oh to know love upon my mind, as the world becomes a treasured find. Now all darkness is dispelled to the confines of some great abyss that longer is a destination within me that exists.


Karen Hayward ©2016

Gabriel, sit with me.

Picture prompt can be found here


sit with me and listen

to the constant flow of

gentle water. Let it trickle




cleansing my spirit

in anticipation for my future.

Let it lubricate my mind

opening a portal of perfect

creative communications.

Gabriel, sit with me

let me feel the essence

of your presence in my heart.
Raphael, come to me as I sit

in perfect solitude within the

Aura of your love. Tell me

the hidden wisdom of depth,

pull strands of memory from

my head, broken, unhealed and

raw, sooth them so they are no more.

And as the water trickles deep into

the perfect pool, let your love

spread within my heart.
Metatron, sit briefly

with me in this perfect tranquility.

Share with me your wisdom

and I will share my life.

Not a worthy trade perhaps,

so let us just pause beneath the

shade as your being gives

me the strength of seeing

within in this battleground

of reality.


Sit with me here my angels,

hear my pleas.

Heal my soul.

Wintin my scared space of serene

perfection, celestial  atoms

charging the translucent water,

every droplet pure, divine.

Sit with me here my angels,

hear my pleas.

Heal my soul.
Karen Hayward ©2016



I had a dream
My necessary dream
Slumber’s own addiction
Where forever we have loved
Dancing among eons of time
and I dreamt of a storm and we were the tempest
and I dreamt of rain and we were cool gentle mist
And stars illuminated the celestial heavens,
As ancient memories awakened within us.
Our essence caressing the very core of our existence,
And I dreamt of the sun and we were the golden rays of light,
and I dreamt of the moon and we were the ebbing tides.
Darkness washed away on a crescent wave
Love unbound in a midnight dream.

© Dreams by Michael Garland and Karen Hayward
© Image by Michael Garland
All rights reserved.

This amazing collaboration poem written by Michael Garland and myself is a beautiful combination of his stunningly beautiful writing and my writing 🙂

Michael’s poetry can be found on both facebook and g+. He is soooooo worth checking out, his poetry is entirely laced with the beauty of love, the sensuality of existence and the charm of happy ever afters.