Cherry Blossom.


Have you ever seen the cherry blossom,
dancing in the breeze?
Or felt their silky softness as they grow about the tree?
Have you ever seen their leaves,
as they lose their precious green?
Or seen their earthly red after they have been?
Have you ever watched the petals as they float beneath the sky,
delicately floating they look as though they fly.
Have you ever seen them pile,
rotting all the while,
Pinkness tinged with yellow.
Have you felt them on your toe?
Or picked them from your hair?
Have you ever gave a petal, to show that you do care?
Have you ever seen the cherry blossom…
just dancing through the air?

Karen Hayward ©2016 (Image and words)

Pink petals.

Cover me in petals,
Of the softest pink,
Delicate and precious,
There is a link.
give me sharp thorns,
To cut myself on,
And i’ll give you red horns,
To bleed upon.
Take away my precious sky,
the warm earth beneath my feet,
I’ll forgive you, as you cry,
I will not think you weak.
Give me petals,
Of the softest pink.
Blossoms that always make me think,
Fragile, precious, the hidden link.