It’s, amazing the way we make our choices.

Decide no longer, to listen to the voices.

We sit with a biccie and a brew,

and ponder how everything feels new.

We say no to the reminders,

to the warm memories of past lovers.

We learn to love, what life has given us,

For these choices we make,  we must.

Listen to your heart.

You don’t hear me.

Even my screams go unheard.

I want you, I need you.

You are everywhere.

How can you be everywhere and not hear me?

Perhaps you do hear me,

so what stops you?


You have before you, pure perfection.

A mould of everything you believe yourself to desire.


I can not compete, I am not perfect.

I know this, and you know this.

So you block out my voice, my words.

You are safe, you are happy.

My voice  fades away, a distant memory,

No longer heard.

You have lost, I was perfect.

You just never stopped to listen.

To your heart, and not your head.