Is this my soul or I have I found home.

Inspired by a very deep nap and an amazing dream (my dreams are usually very mundane) I had after the school run this morning.

I felt the sun beating down through the dust stained window

and I sat back in the lumpy chair and sighed. I didn’t know

where I was heading. Life was taking me on an unknown

journey with an unknown destination. I considered asking

the driver what his final stop was…I decided against it.

The bus, empty but me, rocked back and forth as we rode

alongside a shoreline until all I could see was crystal clear water.

I caught a glimpse of the drivers smile as he veered to the left,

soft and unassuming, I wondered did he know I was lost.

And then before my eyes was a luscious green hill with a little

white house protruding from the side of the hill. I wondered

are the floors somehow level inside…they were. From the window

I could see nothing but beauty and inside the house was nothing

but love…..I asked is the house my soul or have I found home.


Karen Hayward ©2016