Hypnotised heart.

If I wanted to I could tear you down from your pedestal rip out your heart and inprint upon your soul. I could creep through the darkest corners of your mind and hypnotise your heart so that it beats to the sound of my voice. If I wanted to I could own the seconds in your day and the minutes of your sleep. If I wanted to. If I wanted I could crawl beneath your skin and mimic the sound of your beating heart. I could impose upon your sight my reflection and in every wonder you see, you will think of me. If I wanted I could make you pulse upon my name, keep you in a constant state of arousal. I could make the world become a blur an off shot in the corner of your eye. I could make music dance in the air around you and lyrics be your only nutritional need. I could teach you how to survive on words alone. If I wanted to. If I wanted to I could make your soul whisper my name as a lullaby to your heart. Perhaps one day I will.

Karen Hayward ©2016

Seven broken promises in seven empty days.

Seven promises in seven days

seven sets of empty words to say.

But you know what? That’s okay.

I see the way you like to play.

So cheers to another warring day.

Fuck you are the words i’d like to say.

I know I’ll get there, i’ll be okay.

So don’t even try to manipulate play.

Cos tomorrows just another empty day.

‘I forgot.’ the empty words you say,

‘we’ll do it now, it’ll be okay.’

But you know by then i’ll refuse to play

and you’ll celebrate another broken day.

‘Not this time.’ are the words i’ll say.

because I know I got this, i’ll be okay

i’ll regain control and then i’ll play.

50 Shades of really you think the whole of society is so dumb that we need to start censoring topics in literature?

Rar….Have spent a few hours on here blogging, writing poetry and catching up on the blogs I follow. Every other blog seems to be griping on about 50 Shades of Grey, it’s driving me potty. Firstly IT IS FICTION, yep the story is fiction, and anyone who reads and thinks wow this is a great biography/autobigraphy is stupid. Fiction means a few things, firstly it’s a pretend story, it’s all pretend, made up. But also fiction allows an author and a reader to explore a concept beyond what is usually found in reality, but really people it is fiction, really, no lies it is made up. At first though I did think wow that’s a little insulting to assume that everyone that reads it is too dumb to realise that the story is crap the lead gal is crap and the guy is a complete twat, but hey ho, not my place to judge. However, having now read through some very convincing arguments I think I am now starting to see what they are saying. We really do need to stop authors from writing about certain subjects, I mean really censorship is the way forward, censor everything, we are too dumb to have uncensored literature in our society, we are a society of sheep, seriously I read that in a book, so it must be true. But, everyone seems to be missing the bigger picture, whilst everyone is griping on about 50 Shades of Grey and how it is going ejaculate itself into our poor impressionable gals, books like Divergent are going completely unseen. I mean seriously this is a concern, this book is a young adult book, the story is aimed at the young impressionable minds of our future, the book encourages you to jump on and off trains to show your fearlessness, it is only a matter of time before we see an increase of teenagers and young adults jumping from buildings, or worse still, studying, or becoming truthful or hippyish, seriously this stuff needs censoring too!!!!!