Wait for me…

Super short story.
Wait for me…

His voice laced with charm, he said, wait, just a little longer. She’d already waited too long, and asked, how long is a little while….forever?
He chuckled, that comes after, with you. Biting back tears she asked then how long is a little while. Life, he said. Hours later, with tears run dry, she pondered whether he realised, life waits for no one and it seemed to her, that life were right to not wait.

KH ©2016

Creative Writing (What if…)

What if…

What if karma, destiny and fate are all fake desires dressed up in the giuse of hope, but what if they are not.

What if are paths were always destined, our distance mapped out in the stars that guide us.

What if I am simply a good memory among so many bad ones, a memory designed to offer you hope.

What if that was always to be my purpose.

What if things had been different, I had been stronger, fought for my love, stood tall and confident, demanded to be seen and heard…would things be different?

What if all along, we were just meant to play cards in that old, battered, Black and White house.

What if that was our destiny.


Karen Hayward ©2012