Likely set ablaze the page… 

My thoughts would likely
set ablaze the page,
Perhaps best I let them fester
In silent implosions
dot to dot conclusions
and solid doubt
of realities illusions.
My thoughts would likely
tear holes through
rip apart solar systems
Redesign the universe
and yet, would
surely quench this
burning thirst
A cure for perhaps
mothers tongue, a curse.
My thoughts
My thoughts
My thoughts would surely
set ablaze the page
Crimson flow,
nature’s rage
Not wrong not right
Blinded by terrors sight
upon my tongue then
I shall bite,
whilst quietly waiting
for the emptyness
of night.

Karen Hayward ©2017

Darkness do you see.

Sleep eludes me some place between here and the never lands. Yet the darkness embraces me, I feel no sorrow sleep will catch upon me soon enough. The sky is lonesome, clouds shield her from us fearsome. The darkness begs for my attendance and so it is I attend. Llooking deep onto the heart of forever and forever looking deep into the heart of me….all the dark ever asks is…child do you see?

Karen Haywrd ©2016