24.05.07 21:50
Every hour missed
Every minute skipped
Every dinner shared
Every drink, drank
Every moment gone
Every cartoon watched…
… A hundred times over,
Every tear caught
Every wiped nose
Every cleaned bum
Every ‘smell check’
Every teacher taught
Every twilight seen
Every dawn kissed
Every doctors visit
Every train ride
Every look of disdain
Every phonecall
Every kiss, gentle and soft,
Every held hand
Every squeezed finger
Every single piece of mess
Every missed bin
Every bomb hit room
Every made bed, remade
Every stubbed toe
Every piece of Lego
Every doll shoe
Every friend lost…
… Every friend gained
Every lesson learned
Every book read
Every song heard
Every sudocream moment
Every second spent
Every cry, stamped feet
and screams…

24.05.18 21:50
… is worth it.

Karen Hayward ©2018

Old man up my road
owns a white
Siberian husky.
He pounds along
the path chasing
cats, pulling old man
here, there
His bark is fierce
splits atoms
demands attention.

Old man up the road
pauses at our gate,
for Husky blue eyes
searches for his
Princess blue eyes and
he finds her.

Husky stands tall
with his front paws
perched atop the
Black iron gate.
Head bowed.
He does not bark,
jump, skip or
dance with
He patiently waits.

Small girl squeals
with delight
‘our friend, mummy’
she looks to me
for permission.

Permission granted.

Small girl walks steadily
to the gate leaving
behind her fears
and anxiety.
Husky holds his position.
Pausing a foot away
she reaches out small
tender fingers…

Husky smells, a small
dance in his back paws
as her fingers delve
deep into his fur
they rub heads for
a split second
then husky is calm
blue eyes searching
blue eyes, she smiles.

Old man tells me
he ain’t never seen husky
like this with no one…
She must be special he says.

Old man knows.
Husky knows.
I know.

One day she too will know.

Karen Hayward ©2018

Image found on pinterest

If you were a rose.

I wrote this, this morning as I climbed into bed next to my daughter Emily-Rose to wake her up ready for school. ♥

Drops On Blue - drop, drops, blue, rose, nature, flower

If you were a rose

I would paint you blue

like the morning sky

on a summers day,

filled with blessed promises.

And as people stop

to look upon your colour

they will see the beauty

of the universe in your petals

as I see every time I look upon your eyes.

Karen Hayward ©2016 (words)

This image is not my own I found it  here  discovered via Pinterest.

Sports day, you are always my winner.

To my girl,
You are my world.
you didn’t come first,
But that smile still burst.
You were worried,
Felt hurried,
But you gave your best,
It was better than your best.
On the field today,
I saw you play,
No tension,
No anxiety,
No worry,
Just a dancing girl,
Conquering the world,
Jumping and laughing
Having a twirl.
You made me proud,
As i stood in the crowd,
cheering your name.
I will always cheer your name,
Loud and clear,
For all to hear.