Even the Devil doesn’t want you!


Breathe in.
Take the mornings
into your soul.
Own it.
Know it.
It is the scent
of shame.
forget it.

God, God’s
Deities, cosmos,
Angels, Gaia,
Science, Atoms
Spirits, nothing.

Breathe in.
Feel the moist air.
Celestial tears
for the fallen.
Own it.
Know it.
It is the tears
of shame,
forget it.

God. God’s.
Deities. Cosmos.
Angels. Gaia.
Science. Atoms.
Spirits. . .

Breathe in.
Listen. Listen
to your inner guide.
Hear the universe
as she speaks.
Karma has a voice.
The angels speak
in whispers.
God talks through
The earth screams
through leaves.

Our fallen,
angel wings
leave a trail of
shadows to
heaven’s gate.

God. God’s.
Deities. Cosmos.
Angels. Gaia.
Science. Atoms.
Spirits. . .
Nothing. . .
Stand guard.
Returning evil.
Waiting at the
gates of hell.

There is no glory
In blood
stained hands,
even Satan,
refuses to open
his gates.

Karen Hayward (c) 2017

Image and words

…and still.


We were intensity,

the burning embers of passion

traversing the corridors of time.

We were love.

Whispered on a Jasmine breeze

and devoured upon the tuberose.

We were the days we never knew

were falling grains of sand,

we were a lifetime in the seconds

between the beats of our heart.

One soul,

divided between two bodies

we were the epitome of existence,

my fires raged on your command,

as yours calmed upon my whisper.

One voice spoken in a million tongues…

Yet so often we spoke without words.

You were the wisdom I was the chaos,

you were the wild and I was the calm.

God, how we devoured one another,

pushing and pulling our love,

forcing sight upon our souls…

You were the cleanser I was the healer,

we were love.

From the torn edges of celestial

skies we were flames in unite…

And now you are gone,

and now I am here,

even life couldn’t keep us apart,

but now my dear soul,

you are my guiding star.

Living eternal life within my heart.

Karen Hayward ©2017 June 17th

Image © MJG

Technicoloured essence. 

…And when the grains fall and life 

ebbs within the final beats

As angels call the finest greet, as 

clouds disperse and memories flow,

What will you have to show? 

The fearsome tales of love so close,

A life lived…Well most?

A bucket list of words not said, love not told,

A constellation of getting old.

Monochrome map in hues of safe

Kept moments never run late. 

A drawer of wishes, dandelions delight

Dreams reserved only for night? 

Not me…

The angels will invent new colours in my name,

They’ll blush with pride at this spirit untamed.

Their ink will run dry as they scribe my tales,

The wins, near wins and even the fails.

With fearless exploration I will devour my days,

No feeling will pass where i do not say…

Passion will be my ink, love will be my pen

And the angels will all whisper….”and then?,” 
Karen Hayward*©2017

Image and word’s.

Whispers from within the shadows.


Dear shadow whisperer, in deaths ungodly hour.
Go hither yon this soul you cannot devour.
Come search the recess of my mind so fair
for I have dwelled at the devils lair.
I do not quake in damsel fear
when the dark essence of despair comes near.
I have danced in the caves of hell
(where even the strongest Angels fell)
to the inconsolable rhythm of survival,
Oh dark Lord, you are no rival.
I have sold all my wares,
In deprivation of my cares
an Ice Queens heart,
I’ve played that part.
Shadow whisperer take heed and walk away,
I am no longer yours so do not delay.
You cannot corrupt shadows of the broken
When through it all souls long awoken.
Shadow whisperer hear me as I call unto you,
darkness resides within is true but I have stopped
worshiping the darkness that is you.

Karen Hayward* ©2017

Image found on Pinterest.