Silent falsities

Stained threads of purpose,
clambering the ladder,
stepping stones of succession,
A charlatans profession.
My personal preference is to
Be forgotten, I am no man’s
stepping stone, no check list
item on the road, falsities are
for another, so let’s not pretend,
bridges burned to the very end.
Bridges burned to the very end.

Karen Hayward ©2018
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Kings and Queens and Devils Spawn


I feel only pity. Not for you, for those touched by you. Those stained with your toxin breath and acid words. Those that hear the echoes of your banshee scream as dawn calls upon another day and they believe they converse with an angel.

I pity the God’s you pray to, the hyprocracy in your evening cries, the venom in your devil eyes. A descendant of lilith, fallen angels with blackened wings fanning the vile words falling from your spitting tongue.

The serpent coils through your soul, what embers of innocence once lay there now crushed, dispersed on trade winds to a lover and another and any poor fool consumed by your succubus melody and the broken strings of your violin.

But alas I will carry your lesson into tomorrow on the beating wings of spirits love forever at my side. My gain was your want, eternal without condition beyond the physical realm. Spiritual devotion rewarded now in universal bliss…

Your lessons taught me the value
Of true loves blessed kiss. Your game play was preparation, for me to become his. Your poison was the toxin in my climb
as I learned self worth and when my King
took stand to claim his Queen,
I knew I was worthy this time.

Karen Hayward ©2017 Image and words

Cinders of yesterday thoughts

My thoughts would likely
set ablaze the page,
Perhaps best I let them fester
In silent implosions
dot to dot conclusions
and solid doubt
of realities illusions.
My thoughts would likely
tear holes through
rip apart solar systems
Redesign the universe
and yet, would
surely quench this
burning thirst
A cure for perhaps
mothers tongue, a curse.
My thoughts
My thoughts
My thoughts would surely
set ablaze the page
Crimson flow,
nature’s rage
Not wrong not right
Blinded by terrors sight
upon my tongue then
I shall bite,
whilst quietly waiting
for the emptiness
of night.

Karen Hayward ©2017

Image and words

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No footprints in the snow.


If could see the shattered

remains of my reflection in this

smeared mirror, lost without detection.

Grey eyes searching for your existence

Emptiness ignorantly insistent.

And you are gone

no footprints in the snow

And you are gone lost

the one I thought I know.

Have you ever turned to find me gone?

Through the storms that crashed

The words we lashed, the distant echo

that shattered glass, dooming love so very fast.

Unknown future, murky now in tainted past

Have I ever wandered off our path?

And you are gone

no foot prints in the snow,

And you are gone.

The one I thought I know.

Loyal blood stained on carpets edge

Hooked up to an open needle, synthetic

replacement, drug of choice.

Loyal blood spills across lovers voice, through

The air we breathe, and still you question me?

And you are gone

no footprints in the snow

And you are gone

the only love I’ve known.

And you are gone,

the only love I know.


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Polygynous love…

An open invitation for polgynous love, gone are the days of sin, dive into Your pool of soured semen. Swim To the depths of oblivion and drown Yourself in meaningless romps Of lustrous desperation. Blinded By your own tostesterone, pheromones, the colleced trophies gathering dust, gather some more in a final thrust, splatter your territory and name it lost trust. 
Karen Hayward ©2017 (image and words) 

Walls come crumbling down…


Won’t you lay bare your soul upon

the sacred stones of ancient times?

Allow me to map the constellations

of My desire through the interwoven

Pitfalls of your pain ? Use me as a

sacrifice to the Gods, purge me of

my sins and use them as your stepping

stones to redemption. No human has

gained such power as thee, listen to that

primal call you are man and you are beast,

expel now fragile hankering and take what

is so rightfully yours. Let my blood of

innocence glimmer across your piercing

dagger once more as you plunge us through

the gates of eternity and damn us to the

fires of passion. Drink the milk of my desires,

sip from the cup of abandonment, cut away

these shackles that bind us to our torturous

mortality. Spill across ancient stones the

fluidity of my lust, split the skies with

screams of my spirit…Release me into your care,

bind me in sacred space to the

essence of your aura…I offer unto you my body,

my spirit, my soul, will you not accept? Is not the

promised gold band a symbol of this?

Make haste upon our promises

consummate our love before the Gods

of our land. Let us wash now our hands of the

murky waters of life’s creation, all paths are

trodden for reasons beyond our existence,

scrawl in perfect calligraphy across my breast,

white as paper, prick now your finger upon a needle,

bond us in the blood of need, discretion dispersed

upon thrusts of passion, pain dislodged.

Give unto me once more your seed and

let it be the last, else towers crumble and

home becomes a tainted memory taunted by the devil.

Karen Hayward ©2016

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Hydrate the universe with fallen tears. 

Break me, 

take these tears 

let them hydrate the universe.

Break me, 

take all light,

plunge me into the depths 

of darkness let my shadow 

lead the way. 

Break me.

Break me make clear my 

Path once more

So I may rise, pure

And as fine as the 

Phoenix rises from the ashes. 

Break me. 
Karen Hayward ©2016

Image found on Pinterest.