Traversing truth

I once scoffed at the concept of traversing time on love alone,
I placed doubt upon my page and delved deep into the human form
It’s capabilities and inadequacies.
I tore holes in doctrines and ripped apart
I battled existence and swept through claims of denial.
And now I must take back such outlandish beliefs,
For my fingers feel yours and yet my eyes do not see,
My heart, metaphorical? No, my heart chakra
senses the very beating of your soul,
My sacral the very fires of your need
and yet, I am still to cherish your touch
my lips whisper of lifetimes worth of kisses,
Yet still I search the today’s for your taste.
I once scoffed at that which I never knew,
my path was still unwinding,
leading me
to you.

Karen Hayward ©2017

Bare foot stamping our mark upon this world…

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Skin wore the essence of summer,
Kissed by waves, embraced by currents
A taste of salt and golden glitter.
Hair a tangled web of curls
Yellow weaves of Destiny
ocean eyes deep and fierce.
Those days were our making,
Druid souls seeped in Poseidon’s kingdom.
Bare foot stamping our mark upon this world,
etched forever into spirits
energised by Helios,
soothed by Selene
caressed upon those shores
by the oceans ebbing love.

Karen Hayward (c) 2017

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The cracked remnants of tomorrow’s dreams

Can it be that love exists ‘neath blue skies
between the forest green vines of ivy
or on ancient mists of a moonlit sea
I find a tomorrow deep in his eyes
the speckled remnants of new paths aligned
between the broken cracks of history
a presence preserved in serenity
my love dances with singing butterflies
on nights empty echo and fierce rhythms
Our Selene hears the whispers of my soul
Whilst I drown in pearlescent kisses
configuring broken algorithms
beneath these blue skies I am whole
wondering about loves existence.

Karen Hayward ©2018 Image and words
First attempt at a *#Italianpetrarchansonnet*

Isn’t there an irony that to you I owe it all?
You uncovered a part of me in the devils hour.
Two souls, fragmented shards of yesteryear,
We were children dancing with the devils soldiers
Bound by scars of old that we painted across
each others skin, you were the innocent,
I was the sin. I didn’t believe, I didn’t see,
and your lies and indiscretion set me free,
whilst binding you to a cage of regret,
futures mapped, destiny set as you carried
into new days the broken fragments
of my soul
that I left shattered upon your door…
… Till time passed, lives moved forward,
Many sun rises, blue skies, spring rain glory
Promises made and broken.
Closure came unexpected.
I was chaos she was respectability
on paths chosen,
Only you saw my potential to be more
Yet, with self doubt you were out the door….
the catalyst moment that had me reaching for more.

I broke into a thousand shards of mistrust,
bled for my lust, died for my sins
fought bare hand your belief…
became the very thing you believed beyond me,
your choice set me free
no longer a soldier for the devils play
You uncovered a part of me that day
And as years passed and paths crossed
It was you crying now, for the love you had lost.

Karen Hayward ©2018

Fires burn and ashes float.

Can you see through the desire?

Do you see I am more than a raging fire?

I can be the flame that dances to the flute

my truth is not under dispute.

But I am whole and that is not

do you see the bit that even I forgot?

Karen Hayward  ©2015