Patience patiently taps a toe

Whilst patience always has been my virtue
There are days when I cuss the universe.
Moments when I ache for his kisses,
times when I crave the taste of my name
slipping across his lips
like imploding thoughts all
begging for
fantasy to become reality
and reality to be
all of the now’s we have
and in those pending
moments of now
is the definitive truth
and that right there
Is the core of my hunger
and only he can sate this
need, only he can
quench my thirst and
whilst patience always has
been my virtue,
there are days…

Karen Hayward ©2019

Image and words

When good mornings fade into new horizons.


One day our good mornings shall

become a distant moment of the past.

Birds will still sing a symphony

of life to the cloudless sky and

the sun will ascend anew into

emerald blues. The outside world will continue

without us, thoughts crossing oceans,

intent skimming moon beams

and desire burning on the edge of suns

descent.  Such a gulf will silently

implode and explode as a vortex

of everything becomes a meaningless

whisper void now of need….And we will

search for those all knowing eyes as a

storm roars through our veins, and we

will search among the rapid beating

of our hearts…But we’ll not look so far.

Tender lips, tongue tips between

coffee sips and ….dancing hips, we’ll bid

good morning with a loving kiss, in loves

finest tongue.  Kissing good morning

beneath a single ascending sun.

Karen Hayward ©2017

Image Karen Hayward  ©2017

Kaleidoscopic essence of devotion.


Will you read me lost thoughts of poetry as twilight twinkles through open windows,
warm water cascading across my body?
In silent vulnerabilities,
sensual knowing and deep intimacy borne of free souls,
will you whisper to me sonnets written of beauty of love of desire?
As Lunar breathes sparkled kisses on the nights breeze dancing through candle flames..
will you read to me tales of love, white knights and mans kiss upon his lady?
Will you whisper to me forgotten words of tragic love stifled by Pandora’s locked box…
And will you kiss my falling tears?
Will you sprinkle petals of every colour across the water and watch as they settle upon my porcelain skin.
Will you kiss me with the abandonment of a man lost to his soul?
Will your eyes devour the very essence of me in purity of innocence?

I will make of you a poem by a moonlight glimpse,
Love’s ripple upon every sense as cascading waves burst in points of imploding desire.
Let my quill trace the grotto’s of sweet revelation on the parchment of your soul in ways never imagined never to be told.
Let us dance in the snowlight down of crystalline meandering battling elements in beloved embrace.
Rest upon the cognac blaze the want anew  composing sonnets bared to the firelight’s sultry glow
I  will write of sunsets bright hues on wave so gentle awash upon the countors of your porcelain ambrosia
I will write of garden tryst in the evening mist of whispered passions of paramour fervor.
I will catch your tears and marry them inside me for all that your are is precious
I will bring  fulfillment in the bedroom of your eyes amid sweet passion’s kiss
I will surrender lost in the innocence of your virtues aflame.
I will read you love poems in an eternal moment of bliss.

Michael J, Garland & Karen Hayward  © 2017

Image Karen Hayward ©2017