Lay with me and just forget the world.


I’ve got tired eyes and a draining soul

come sit with me in the dark

and have me feel whole.

Place your hand where my fingers are

we’ll lay in silence and look at the stars.

Particles of energy will pass through our skin

the world will stop and we’ll have nothing to think.

Let me lose myself inside your eyes

see the reflection of a perfect moon lit sky.

And as the darkness engulfs us, we’ll feel peace

for a moment the emptiness will cease.

Karen Hayward (copyright 2015)

Sleeping on the edge of a page.

It’s late.
It’s almost late and as I
sit on the corner of the page that will take me into a new chapter of my life,
I wonder if I will sleep.
Will the golden edged moon drop her dust sparingly across my naked bust as I close my eyes and dream of things that are beyond reality.
Or will she offer light into my darkened mind for me to explore my deepest thoughts.
It’s late, it’s almost late,
and the sandman waits patiently at the dream lands gate.