Long hair-the devils disguise.

You had it all and more. Memories are faulty,

a memory of the last time I recalled that memory.

You had it all or so they said. Except,

you never did get me into your bed. I know, I know

the stories you told, I was just young unsure

too shy, but I never once believed that envious

lie. Someone once said that not all is as is,

look for the signs he wants you to miss.

You were a concept of beauty for sure,

but I never once, knocked at your door.

My first taste of love my first taste of hate

and you called yourself his very best mate!

Did you tell him that lie

when he was gone for the night?

You had it all and more,

now your a drunk at a broken shore

searching still the empty bottles

long gone now is the conceptual throttle.