The sound of angelic bells against an ebbing tide.

Last night whilst my eyes were closed

and my mind shut down I dreamed

of the ocean. Clouds skirted above and

a grey hue hung from the air in crytalised

perfection. At first I stood alone,

just the grains of sand beneath my feet,

the damp mist at my skin and the soft

ebbing ocean that appeared to be stilled

and yet was simply moving in a low beat.

Then I saw her in the distance, laughing as

she ran in and out of the cool fresh ocean.

Droplets of water gently slipping through

the air and splashing, lovingly against her.

Her giggles of delight dancing across

the horizon, waltzing across the white

foam and cart wheeling across the shore.

I sat down and watched as she played at one

with the universe and the universe

played back.


Karen Hayward ©2015.


I sat on the stoney shore,

The soft ebbing tide

drifting further away.

The suns rays reflecting,

of the seas surface,

like gold dust,

dropping from the sky.

I close my eyes and,

let the winter sun warm me.


I can feel your kisses,

on my shoulder,

they’re soft and warm,

your eyes are looking

deep into my soul,

your hand is warm

against my bare skin.


My eyes open,

I rest my head,

upon my knees.

Fate is clearly cruel.

I look out at the

bluey grey sky,

and wonder why.


Life is never easy,

and perfection is rare.

But why does it taunt me.

I close my eyes,

and go back,

to my memories,

they’re all I have now.

All I will ever have.

I never knew,

that I would

miss you.