Fallen Star.


A light went out that fallen day,

upon my knees I prayed and prayed.

For death or life I do not know

but I got my wish, there was no show.

No crimson red upon my bed,

no tearing pain upon me reigned.

Emptiness in a crowded room

‘You’ll forget it so very soon.’

A void of words that lack meaning

as I stare up at that watched ceiling. 

Haunted stares and whispered tears

no one forgets these horrid fears.

In every face on every breeze

still it brings me to my knees.

I forget you not, I forget you so,

devour the pain and begin to grow.

Let out the storm that rages inside

free it from that broken mind.

Tears fell on that washed out white,

for the life that wasn’t

the life that might.