Desire burns.

Like a whisper on the wind,
a delicate fantasy of sexual desire
that burns constantly in the distance.
The heated flames never far from mind,
the discovery of new erotic finds.
The desire tantalises the curious mind
with its broken edges
and shadows
left behind.

Dear Mr Bus driver.

summer holidays 047

I sometimes wonder,

as you drift past me,

that knowing

twinkle in those

grey eyes,


you ever



I was



Month’s of hard work, perfect timings

and flirtatious banter,

all leading to that

single moment



As mindless cars

whizzed past,

driven by bored

business men

and stressed

out mothers.

As the seats fell empty,

and your





set free.

Did you know?

A notch on my


bed post,

a seconds fantasy,

a lifetimes

day dream.

It was a game

for me,

you were the prize,

Is that a surprise?

As your hand slipped

inside my shirt,

your dick inside my mouth,

your fingers against my nipples,

my tongue along your shaft.

Your hands pinned

As I sinned,

your cum


as I swallowed

it down.

I sometimes wonder

If you knew,

I was using you.

Tantalising tales and devils tails.

Tear away my restrictions,
Tug of my skirt,
with urgency,
it won’t hurt.
Pull away my top,
Please don’t stop.
slowly peel away my
Stop when i am bare.
place my wrist
Against your lips,
Lay between my legs
No sex, not yet.
Feel my beating blood,
Whilst our bodies hug.
pin my arms against the bed,
For a moment,
I want to be led.
Tie me with soft crimson lace,
Then with your fingers,
every contour,
Every scar,
every freckle,
every inch.
Watch me as i move,
As i respond to your touch,
Do it slow, there’s no rush.
Discover me,
with your tongue,
I promise to return the fun.
Taste me, taste me as i lose all sense of myself and become, me,
Let me get one hand free,
Let me lead, let me free,
Let me up onto my knees.
Let me touch,
Without rush,
Without haste,
let me suck and lick
Your excited dick,
let me feel it move
Between my lips.
Run your fingers through
my hair,
without care.
Then let me on top,
touch me,
As i rock,
make me scream,
make me cum,
As you cum.
Take away, this destroying,

Give me what i deserve.

Speak to me like a fucking slut,
Fill my head with dirty smut.
Show me things that will make even the devil blush,
Don’t expect me to hush,
I want to scream,
A primal call,
As my veil falls.
Make me scream,
My cum
Streams down between my legs,
Fill my head
With passion and a wanton desire,
set my soul on fire. I want to hear the devil whisper in my ear,
You are not welcome,
Not even here.
Pause time,
Explore the darkest corners of my mind,
Kiss me soft,
But fuck me hard.
Leave me shaking,
It’s ok,
it’s just my spirit waking.
Taste me,
Taste my lips,
Run your tongue across my clit,
taste my skin,
taste my sins.
Feel me,
Feel my nipples rise,
Feel how i desire,
push your fingers deep inside,
Find the scream that i hide.
Strip away my wings,
Make my fucking spirit sing,
take every part of my body,
And make me sore,