Befalling lost essence…


When I search, my eyes befall an empty page,
stained in lustrous thoughts of yesteryear,
Swimming deep in oceans of passions rage.
Signed with forgotten wishes craving you near.
When I look darkness suffocates my naked form,
Plunging me through desirous gates
Skin ravaged by kisses on this bright new morn,
A yearning so deep I can wait no more…

I watched you chase my words across the skies
colored deep with passionate blues
I remember when I was always lost in your eyes
no way out, but still looking for any clues
all i wanted was to hold you tight
but held hostage by different colored hues
still lurking desperate in the dark night
because the pages were empty of the news
once mine.. kisses led you there
to those scenes we created with ecstatic flair
then locked in desirous embrace
we became one.. and melted into space..

Karen Hayward and Michael Montoya ©2017


Summer dreams.


Skin wore the essence of summer,
Kissed by waves, embraced by currents
A taste of salt and golden glitter.
Hair a tangled web of curls
Yellow weaves of Destiny
ocean eyes deep and fierce.
Those days were our making,
Druid souls seeped in Poseidons kingdom.
Bare foot stamping our mark upon this world,
etched forever into spirits
energised by Helios,
soothed by Selene
caressed upon those shores
by the oceans ebbing love.

Karen Hayward (c) 2017
Image and words


That curve
Is energy cascading
across me,
through me.
Look how
your essence falls
upon me,
Like a cashmere
gently caressing
the tilt of my chin.
The simplicity of
a sensuous scent
Lustrous intent
erotic content.
That curve licking,
kissing, stroking
exploring, traversing
the very contours
of my mind.
A treasured find,
One of a kind.
That curve of your
tongue as words
form, escaping your
lips that beg me
always for one
tiny kiss.

Karen Haywrd (c) 2017

The Taste of my…

And through the tender 

kisses of your lips; 

the need in your eyes,

the trailing of your tongue, 

through the stroking

of your fingers,

through the passion in 

their touch and

the caressing of your 


The past is cleansed 

from my soul, 

your need becomes 

the hinted scent 

of my skin, 

the taste on my 

tongue, the essence

in my…

and the past is cleansed 

from my soul. 
Karen Hayward ©2016

Souls dance among the darkness.

maygarden 015

Can I become lost in the essence of your soul and fall aimlessly into the depths of the universe on the whispers of your melody. With closed eyes and open mind can I swim among dreams of another realm, a phantasm of jasmine scented petals and cloudless skies. And can I lose myself beneath your touch as minds transcend and skin becomes merely a cloak that shrouds passion and desire that burn as the stars in the heavens. Perhaps, like the stars our souls could dance through the darkness of the night skies, illuminating every atom we touch. Can I become lost in the essence of your soul?

Karen Hayward ©2016

Chaos theory in bloom.


Lilies of white,
Fear and fright.

Roses of red,
lust fuelled bed.

Violets of blue,
Thoughts that are true.

yellow sun flowers,
and power.

I fill my dreams with all of these,
And buzzing bees,
With the colour of life,
That blurs the strife.
The universe essence,
Always in my presence.
Reminding me of lessons,
Of the past,
That went so very fast.
Of the present,
that is truly a blessing.
Of the
Writing itself
As we speak,
No way to peek,
Even know if it’s
We truly
All along the
Fresh colours
Beneath a powerful
Transformation and change,
Are all within range,
it feels strange,
And good,
Like an over read