As the blade slipped…

I am the speckled fragments of chaos
you are the contents of Pandora’s chest
I am moon beams dancing at twilight
you are my sky, vast, encompassing
I am kisses shimmering in darkness
You are my night, my knight, my light.

I am the scattered remnants of chaos
I am the broken whispers of Pandora
I am an ancient constellation of star dust                                                                I am the essence from the blade of Zeus
We were one, became two, eternity spent
searching for you…

I am the moon adorned in white light
You are the sky, my infinite love
I am the fragrance of scent long forgot
You are the essence craved at my core
I am an ancient need, ignited in flames
you are the source whispering my name.

You are the echo of touch on my skin
You are the whispers I hear when I dream.
You are the stars leading my way
You are home, found high in the skies
You are a source ingrained in my soul                                                         a whispered memory from an ancient day.

I am the essence on the slide of the blade
You are the soul, Zeus split that day.
We are star dust travelling through time
Searching eternally for the silent signs
Now I am found and we look no more,
For you are mine.. and I am yours.

Karen Hayward ©2017

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Condemned by the raging vultures

I sometimes feel like a naughty child
condemned for having picked up the pieces
that you were handing me in the dead of night
as the watchful world around us slept.

Condemned for lightly erasing your memory
from the spaces between the letters
on my page where I keep you so neatly
tucked away beyond prying eyes

Condemned for rising amidst grief
when the jagged rocks beneath me
offered such alluring love as the
snakes gathered readying for my blood.

Condemned that it was me, so plain
among the sea of princesses, just me that your own, condemned because I knew them…

… and they never knew me, and how that changed the balance of envy.

Karen Hayward ©2018

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