Who stole all the sand…

Sleep has become the bane of my existence,
friend and foe in toxic measures
caressing me in captive resistance
depriving me of sleeps pleasures.
Sleep has become a lost source of mind
swinging me in kinetic fusion
held hostage in the recess of moments I find
relief is becoming just an allusion.
Sleep is becoming a far of dream
even the lucid variant is missing
and the sandman never hears my wishing.
Sleep has become the bane of my existence,
drowning in the moments so insistent.

Karen Hayward ©2018
Image and words




I had a dream
My necessary dream
Slumber’s own addiction
Where forever we have loved
Dancing among eons of time
and I dreamt of a storm and we were the tempest
and I dreamt of rain and we were cool gentle mist
And stars illuminated the celestial heavens,
As ancient memories awakened within us.
Our essence caressing the very core of our existence,
And I dreamt of the sun and we were the golden rays of light,
and I dreamt of the moon and we were the ebbing tides.
Darkness washed away on a crescent wave
Love unbound in a midnight dream.

© Dreams by Michael Garland and Karen Hayward
© Image by Michael Garland
All rights reserved.

This amazing collaboration poem written by Michael Garland and myself is a beautiful combination of his stunningly beautiful writing and my writing 🙂

Michael’s poetry can be found on both facebook and g+. He is soooooo worth checking out, his poetry is entirely laced with the beauty of love, the sensuality of existence and the charm of happy ever afters.



wordprompt from the daily post today is … aimless.

and that is exactly what this blog post is…aimless, it has no point other than to ramble on about the difficulties of existence. So I had to get a new phone, my other one I accidentally threw at the wardrobe and smashed up the screen and I suspect dislodged a couple of the innards. I didn’t want to get a new phone, I don’t like new things I don’t like change and yet at the same time I fucking love change, but this change I no likey. The problem, the snag, the fucking dilemma is that my sim is a nano sim, i love my sim i’ve had it ten years, I don’t want to swap it to a micro…I have too, what a cunt. So now I have the choice, I can get my number swapped onto the micro…but now i’m thinking do I really want to? I got that number when I was a different person to who I am now, a very different person and as much as I do understand why I hold onto things rather than moving forward with technology, I am thinking maybe a new number is a good thing. Fucking decisions…and I am so very aware of how stupid this situation is I should just throw my arms up in the arm and swap the sim, I can’t use the new phone till I decide, i’m wasting valuable photo taking opportunities, I could be writing right now on the new phone, instead I am typing away at the laptop. I figure it’s a little like that saying, “look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.” I’m a thinker my mind is always active and no decision I ever make is based on chance alone. But the bigger choices are easy, clearer, There is no big choice that could occur in my life right now that I haven’t already considered the options for….but the little choices like changing my phone number, what knickies to wear and odd or not odd socks, these are the ball breakers, these are the pennies that need looking after. Sigh perhaps I should just toss a coin.



Oddness of humanity.


I sometimes ponder the oddness of humanity,
the incessant need to fabricate.
I wonder on the whys,
I wonder why they try,
and I try to get my head around the crazy lies.
Who’s peace of mind?
Or is it just a game,
Maybe just another old forgotten name.
I wonder what they’re thinking,
I wonder what they see,
I wonder do they know they under estimate me.

Karen Hayward ©2016

The seconds in every beat.

SS850442 (2)

I used to think
in years,
and days.
Time passed in
hour long
Now I feel the
in every beat,
the atoms in
every spark,
the glitter in
every ray of sun,
the pearlescent
glow against
every pore
of my
porcelain skin.
Now I feel the
essence of life
in every second.

Karen Hayward © 2016 (Image and words)