“in love’s opiate embrace” 


Surround me, drown me, engulf me

the essence of your desire has long

become the beating drum of my crimson

blood. Silence now has a curved edge,

warm and delicious it licks across my skin

my palette accustomed to your

embrace, opiate love, in a storm

of ferocious passion, I hear the poison

as it lulls through the shadowed

maze of my mind, and I am lost to

it’s intrinsic beat, a harmony

of ancient touch caressing my soul. Look

here at the constellation of your kisses

as they trail my skin, for all that you are

I hang on the dependency of my need.

I hang upon the dependency of our love

dark and relentless it is the beacon

of my spirit.

Karen Hayward ©2017

Image and words.



Lush Raindrops falling on my soul.


Lush raindrops falling on my soul.

I like to feel the rain soaking through my clothes,
to feel it as it cleanses and turns my soul so cold.
I like to feel the rain splashing on my skin,
dripping through my hair and freezing all within.
Some think that I am odd a stranger in the midst
of creation and the universe my life is just a wish.
I like to hear the raindrops tapping at the glass
they answer all the questions I’m too afraid to ask.
I like to feel the chill that echoes in the air…
then I like a steaming bath to wash away my cares.
With scents of heaven, paradise and love to share
I cleanse away my soul and sew up all the tears.
I lay beneath the water and listen to the beat
eyes closed I am lost in scent and to there I do retreat.
I like to feel the raindrops dripping on my soul
I like the steaming bath that makes me feel so whole.
I like the scent of earth, wet lavender in the rain,
I like the way it whispers my truly sacred name.

Karen Hayward ©2016 image and words.

Tell me wont you, what you find within the confines of my mind.


I see you have taken up residency in my mind.

I feel the curious curve of your tongue tasting me,

your fingers enticing beneath the surface,

your eyes calling me out. And how can I not follow

when I need to disperse my way through that

glorious mind.

My mind is naked before you,

captivated by your presence

and lost within

your essence,

Karen Hayward ©2017

Poem and picture ©

Expressions slip across lubricated tongue. 

Words slip from my tongue 

Like kisses to the celestial skies

And wishes on dandelion seeds.

Passion spills like water from 

A fountain, rain in spring 

And puddles with tip tapping ripples. 

Goodness, need seeps from 

My mind with careless desire

Taking me higher…

It’s a choice you see, igniting 

Flames, choosing life

Not cold, blessings given

My soul leaks into my 

Existence ignoring my 

Resistance, devouring my 

Mind it is so very insistent! 

Thoughts escape the confines 

Of my mind.
Karen Hayward ©2017

I want to walk barefoot upon the moon. 

I want to walk on the moon, 

bare foot with universal star 

dust dancing through my tresses. 

I want to stand upon its naked form 

and stare into the blackness. 

I want to sing among the stars. 

I want to look back at earth 

see Gaias true beauty from afar. 

I want to swim in lakes of moon light, 

naked and unashamed watching numerous 

suns rise across my horizons. 

I want to wear meteor did upon my dress,

skimming my knees a full circle

that twirls as i walk, 
teased by the breeze. 

I want to ride chariots of the Gods, 

traverse the skies in the simplicity of innocence
On the blood of purity. 

I want to walk bare foot upon the moon. 
Karen Hayward *© 2017