Post 30 facts about yourself. 30 day writing challenge.

  1. I have blue eyes :).
  2. I don’t recall what colour my natural hair is, although I believe it’s a mousy brown. I first dyed it when I was twelve, black. Since then I’ve had it black, red, purple, pink, green, brown and blonde. I mainly dye it red now because I like the way red makes me feel.
  3. I do not have tattoo’s.
  4. I have had my nose pierced a few times over the years, but currently do not.
  5. I have a scar on my right index finger where I grated the tip off whilst grating a carrot.
  6. I also have three scars on my stomach (the worst one being inside my belly button) this is from the removal of a fallopian tube and ectopic pregnancy.
  7. I am right handed.
  8. I have hypermobility in some joints, this means i can touch my thumbs against the inside of my wrists, and bend my fingers in awkward positions! It also means my muscles pull and tear really easily and leaves me in a whole bucket load of pain!
  9. I have chronic pain.
  10. I have two older brothers, one older sister and one younger sister. I didn’t grow up with them, but I did grow up alongside them.
  11. I don’t own scales. I don’t even know how much I weigh. I don’t really care either.
  12. When I was four I vomited mince and potato’s with a blackcurrant splash, I can eat mince and mash still but can also be really funny about it as it turns my stomach!
  13. I don’t eat breakfast.
  14. I rarely drink alcohol. But when I do I can usually keep up with the best of them!
  15. I don’t watch a great deal of TV.
  16. I don’t have facebook or twitter on my phone!
  17. I left school age 16 with just two GCSE’s at grade C. Everything else was lower.
  18. At school I played on the athletics team, netball team and played hockey.
  19. I did everything the right way. Marriage, mortgage, baby.
  20. If in the right mood I will argue that white is black and black is white…and win.
  21. I don’t like hotdogs.
  22. I’m almost always cold!
  23. I’ve seen Eminem in concert.
  24. When it comes to my daughter I plan everything down to the T, when it comes to me alone I wing it every step of the way.
  25. I like peace, I like being on my own, I don’t really get that lonely feel.
  26. For the past five years I’ve been trying to grow veg in the garden, some years we do great other years we forget to water them.
  27. I should not ever be given another plant, I can’t even keep cactus alive!
  28. I work at my best under extreme pressure.
  29. I am completely useless with technology, I have no idea how to use my phone, no idea how to use my laptop, or the tv or dvd player or blueray player. But I strongly believe this is a choice I make, as when I need to figure something out I alsway’s do!
  30. I haven’t ever broken a bone in my body…touch wood!!