The fairytales are the cage

The seconds ascend
across the broken
scent of bleach,
swept debris
And forgotten cutlery
wedged between
reality and
fantasy. Caged in
the realm of
fairytale, no
Bird sings here, no mice
no pumpkin carriage.
The fairies Godmother
has long vanished
into the ethereal
taking with her
the Ill fitting glass
slippers. And so it
is I sit here bare foot
as the seconds ascend.

Karen Hayward ©2017

Image and words

Mercury encrusted stutter


Between the seconds,
minutes and hours
times kinetic swing
slows to a
snails pace at twilight,
it is then I know
with a blind man’s
certainty that
I am fallen like
Alice, tumbling
for her fantasies
It’s deep within
my sacral
yet deeper in my soul
I tried to dust you off
smooth away your
scent but only
managed to submerge
myself further
in your essence
Have I told you
of the synchroniscities?
No, of course I haven’t.
The problem with equality
is the dispersal of power,
I’m afraid I wouldn’t
be so pretty with my
soul crushed into
fine powder blowing
in times wind
to desolate islands
of despair.
Isn’t that always
the problem when
you discover you care?
Intrigue gages the
tip toeing of my
splintered thoughts
across creaky floorboards
I am the wisp,
the wisp of chaos,
calm, energy, need and
perhaps love,
I was always afraid
you’d know what to do…
now isn’t that the truth.

Karen Hayward ©2018
Image and words

Mirror mirror … Tell me am i fairest of all men? 

Just a little fun. 

Mirror mirror on the wall

Who’s the fairest of them all…

Why darling one twas true a time

When you oh Lord was so devine. 

But now it seems there is a line! 

Tis suitors at every door, you would 

Know but you look no more,

For you are stagnant on foreign shores. 

Mirror mirror on the wall

Am i headed for my greatest fall? 

Tis true, oh lord devine 

Your love, she is far from blind. 

Perhaps, I haste to say, not all is said 

When thoughts are shared, 

She ponders for whom you care. 

Oh mirror mirror on the wall….

So I’m not the fairest of them all? 
Karen Hayward ©2016

White knight in shining armor.


A wondrous sight from afar, knight in white

and shining Armour, upon your guard

nothing may harm her. Defensive stance

take aim, may no other whisper

your damsels name. Cocooned hands

of strength willing to walk the desired

length. Beauty radiant for all to see,

you place her high within life’s tree. Such

honor she has earned at your hands, willing, you

are to cut down any man. The knight,

in shining white armor, protecting his love,

so nothing can harm her.

Watching from afar beneath the embrace of

a lovers star.

Flames of hair cross my face, white flames of light

illuminate the night skies. Diamond sparks,

topaz illuminations and jacinth flames

of dragons breath, I see with perfect breadth.

As Excalibur glides from ancient slumber

this blade alone is my true encumber.

Where once I wished for a knight in shining armour

to knock about my door,

Wisdom whispers, stand alone, and wish no more.

Excalibur is my true protector, white knight

fight on and protect her, I am born from

dragons breath with fire in my core, and for a

White knight in shining armor, I shall surely

wish no more.

Karen Hayward ©2016

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Fucking hell i’m not a fairy tale slave!

I checked, and I checked again. I can’t speak to the birds

I ain’t got a super evil step mother, and ain’t no

sparkly fairy godmother waiting at my door asking

me about pumpkins mice and fucking twelve strikes of the clock.

So guess what? Stop. Just fucking stop.

I checked. I checked again. I  don’t have hair of ebony

or blood red lips. I don’t like apples and I ain’t a fan of

ribbons and I ain’t stupid enough to shack up with

seven fucking men no matter what size they are!

So guess what? Stop, fucking hell stop!

I don’t have hair that touches the floor.

I’m not a fairy tale girl that is begging for more.

I’m not a slave to this life and your fucking chores.

Fuck me open your eyes and see the fucking score!

So guess what? Yep..fucking hell stop giving me more!!

A moment in time.

It was not your honesty that flamed her heart,

nor your belief or even the love you had for her.

It was your deceit that opened

her eyes, it was your disbelief that gave fuel

to her soul and gave her the wings to fly. The emptiness

created by you gave her a void to fill,

the pain left by you, gave her wounds to stop

and be healed. If it were not for your deceit,

she would never have found herself. As for your love,

that was the only proof she needed, that fairy tales

can exist, even if only for a moment in time.