At your mercy. 

You’re a fire that burns inside of me in a continuous motion, always flaming, always flickering, always consuming it dominates at will a puppeteer control over my fingers, my mind, my body, today, puppeteer, I am at your mercy upon bruised knees amidst tattered fallen wings of grace, today I am at your mercy.
Karen Hayward ©2016 

He who warms the earth.

I watch you every night,
every chance I get,
every time the sky is clear and I see you near.
Deep red sky,
As you say goodbye,
I watch you,
A sight so true.
Blazing into the horizon,
I watch from my room,
Symbolic of the days end
As the sky greets the moon.
Your orange rays dance,
Across me as i stand in trance,
Mesmerised by your deepness,
Feeling your loving caress.
Beautiful ball of flames,
No sets ever the same,
As you end
your day
Of play.

Flames of desire in my veins.


Your fingers are deep under my skin,
Telling me off the pleasure they can bring.
Tantalising me from within.

Letters that forms words that form fantasies,
with offerings of pleasure to please.
Will this heat inside me ever ease?

I burn the flames that light my way.

At first,
i did wonder how
you had crept in
through the maze of poison ivy.
Soft whispers that had resonated with my spirit.
But now I see,
that the spirit is filled with interwoven paths.
Wake one and another will feed from the energy,
until all paths are lit with the burning flames of essence. It’s not you igniting them, although you are inviting them,
it’s me with flame in hand, ready again to walk the land.

Inner flames raining upon me.


Fire burns inside of my soul,
searing flames,
an eternal glow.