When broken becomes flawed perfection.

Candle light is so Romantic

You excite me.
The way your lust spills
across my body caressing
my skin, melding within
my essence, filling cracks
Of old, broken becomes
Flawed perfection. Your intent
Is my most desired taste.
Your lustrous passion swims
In my veins, crimson aura
draws me from an eternal
slumber. Awakened need
embraces my every thought,
Every cell within my body,
every atom within my soul,
yearns to devour the
Intrinsic workings of your
mind found deep within
The taste of your mouth
On mine.

Karen Hayward (c) 2017
Image found on pinterest

Celestial tears cascading from the stars.


At last count I had at the very least,

A gazillion flaws. All of them beautifully

wrapped in red lace with purple silk

bows. I wear passion on my sleeve and

love on the soft whispers of an evening breeze.

I talk before my mind forms words the blind

leading the blind I see the horizon before

the setting sun. The atom splits in half

on the command of my voice as eruptions

tear through, I am the calm, I am the

Storm., I am the rain, celestial tears

cascading from the stars above.

Karen Hayward ©2017