Fly free with me. 

Fly with me, spread those tainted wings and fly upon an open breeze. We’ll awaken Helios, he will  warm the skies with his flaming passion. We’ll skip across rays of burning light and explore this world way into night. Selene will lay kisses of translucent desire across our naked form as we rest upon clouds ready to storm. Let the lightning strike as we dance in the angry mist of its core, let the thunder crash as we scream to the skies of the freedom within our eyes. Our eyes, windows to our souls, two windows, one soul.  Fly with me, free of the shackles of a human heart, fly free with me in open skies. 
Karen Hayward ©2016

The flame inside my soul.

The flaming sky that calls out my name
on the whispered whistle of the finch that sings
to his lover.
The deep yellow etched into my soul
reaching into a cloudless sky
begging me to rise, to fly.
An horizon of colour peppered only by
the silhouette of a lonesome bird
dancing across the breeze.
He sits upon the highest branch,
wings twitching for flight.
Watching me, his tiny beak
vibrating a tune of love.
A tune of love, that he sings for me
as this new morn bursts across the sky.
Calling to me,
Let go, he whispers onto the breeze,
take flight.

Karen Hayward ©2016.