The bars of the cage.

Leave alone,
A bird
In her cage,
And she will seek,
Although weak
For an escape,
From the
Mundane take.
she will grow wings,
That can fly,
In the greatest storms,
To hidden sky.
And for many
Years she will
Her captor,
As she hides
Behind his
with her chapter.
Until one day
The cage will
Be bare,
And he will stare,
And wonder why,
She never shared.

Soaring above the storm.

He owns the vessel
Marked by the gold,
She refuses to wear.
He owns her life,
Holds her dreams
Within his bare hands,
Dreams she has released
Into the air,
Gone, without care.
He owns the seconds,
When he is not even there.
He reaches for the physical,
Holding her down with
All his strength. But she
Refuses to share.
Her thoughts are her own,
She dreams of a home,
Filled with dreams about dreams,
She’ll never let him there, it seems.
He can steal away her time,
And she will be fine,
He can steal away her fight,
It will return, and like the eagle that flies above the storm,
She will take flight.