Silent sound waves. 

Silent soundwaves dancing through 

Chaos, grim faces in a poorly lit room. 

Voices but a whisper as air sucked into

Lungs, everyone is watching, waiting. 

Beyond the curtained veil waits heavy

Hearts and frowning smiles, too many 

They’ve seen they know what is to occur,

Ignorance a luxury of the past….It’s in 

There broken eyes as we depart through

The maze of crying hearts. Silent sound

Waves weaving a picture of gloom. 
Karen Hayward ©2016


Sea mist, come tease me if you will.


Engulf me.
Take pleasure in
my porcelain skin,
your kisses give me
Engulf me,
take me from this
world plunge
me deep within
your heart of
majestical beauty.
Let my soul there reign.
Engulf me,
take me, I am yours.
I was always yours.
Take me home, dearest
sea mist I hear
the ancient calling,
take me home.

Karen Hayward ©2016