We’ll meet again in an Arcadian dream…



We’ll meet again in an Arcadian dream…
one man’s…is another’s nightmare.
Oh Lord give me not this phantasm
spectacle, high on Poppy seed euphoria
where fear is life itself. Utopia becomes
annihilated by my existence where
I dare no motion beyond that of breathing,
stranded within a non-tactile cage,
suffocating within my own
No, to a soul such as mine
beauty is found in the falling droplets of rain
on the far edge of thunderous
clouds, among wild flowers and ruling weeds. I
long not for Virgil’s divinity but for the homelands
of Pan and his impromptu essence worn by the
nymphs that walk at his side.
My horizon is cursed were it blessed
by a white Knight drawing to stand by me,
for is knowledge not wisdom?
Was it not always known?
Arcadia, home land to Pan, rustic beauty and wild music,
where the Dark Knight shares my throne.

Karen Hayward ©2017

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Let me dance free of inhibitions.


Can I dance through your

thoughts with a key to your soul.

In subdued whispers and a trail of lust.

An uncaught spirit skipping through

the days, as sunlight warms the coldest hearts.

Can I walk with you beneath a changing moon

and watch through your eyes as night dies and

morning wakes.  Whilst the constellations are mapped

out on your skin with the tips of my fingers.

Can I run free and safe through the hazy morn

as the night before becomes a distant dream.

Can I dance through your thoughts unattended

free of inhibition for a moment, for just a moment.


Karen Hayward ©2016

Oh, beautiful girl of mine.

Oh, my beautiful girl,
You are my entire world.
Your smile,
Warms my once frozen heart.
With you i want to dance and
i breath for you,
I love for you,
I pick myself up from the glass filled floor,
For you.
oh, my beautiful girl,
I will show you so much love,
You never know tough.
I will show you so much care,
You’ll have spare,
To share.
If a child, is a reflection of a parent,
A copy of what they see,
You, will grow up free.

Universal, golden silence.

If time, stopped right now,
For just a single moment,
If everything, stood perfectly still, i’d stop, to check what was real,
I’d look inside minds,
see who was kind,
Look for the words,
That are so hard to find.
I’d fix,
The broken bits,
So everyone saw what i see.
Set people free,
i’d whisper,
Kick out the dents,
and discover what was really meant.
i’d walk alone,
In a forest,
in the dark,
With only the moon
For company,
I’d climb the highest
And show the world what
I see.
If time stopped for just a moment,
I’d look for me.