Words of a sinking ship.

Tired from laughing,
Tired from talking,
Tired from thinking,
my ship is sinking.

A sea of face’s,
All of them smiling,
All of them hiding.
All of them, unknowingly,

Angry interactions,
Spurring on actions,
Moved by determination,
Escaped with the imagination.

Until someone speaks,
The knowledge they seek,
Pain so deep,
no longer theirs to keep.

Red in a dark world.

I miss you.
I miss you when i pour
Red dye onto my hair,
When i apply black eye liner,
When i pull my odd socks up high,
I miss you, when i listen to songs of our past,
when the day goes too fast,
I miss you, when i see an empty glass.
I miss you in the dead of night,
when I’m filled with fright,
When there is no light.
I miss you.

I miss the dinners you cooked me,
The teas, the coffee’s the cake,
the cider we drank just for the sake.
I miss you.

I miss the days we had planned,
The times when we ran,
and the days spent getting my impossible tan.
I miss you.