…and they were wrong.


In the dark shadows of existence they say,

such as yourself does not exist.

An urban legend,

a myth of days gone by,

pipe dreams and innocent nativity.

Oh but they were wrong.

In the tainted world of lost hope

I searched in complete belief

faces without features,

bodies without souls,

hearts without love,

‘hopeless’, they declared

my belief, so rarely shared.

Oh but they were wrong…

a singular moment in time

space shared, I saw it

there, right there.

The moment I gazed upon your

eyes, the moment we shared laughter,

I saw the celestial

essence of an angel

looking back and I knew,

they were wrong,

the pure of heart do walk upon

this earth.


Karen Hayward


I remember the day.

I met one in school,
attracted toward me because
I broke the rules.
Never in class,
But always, when asked,
I knew all the moves,
To my very own dance.
I met the next at a party,
feeling all hearty,
So out of her depth,
The poor girl wept.
So i offered my hand,
And said…
Lets go see a band.
The next was a boy,
Alone in the world,
Sitting at college,
I believe in you girl,
he whispered,
looking over at me.
There was one in the summer
That i spent with my mother,
He laid down beside me,
and asked what i could see,
From that day on
He has never set me free.

My very most favourite time of day.

My very most favourite time of day,
Is when the air is crisp,
and i’ve lost my way,
In the soft morning mist.
when the birds are all singing,
Their morning song,
And the sun is just creeping,
When my voice is hoarse from too much talking,
And my feet bare,
And aching, from too much walking,
But i do not care.
My very most favourite time of day,
Is when my night has yet to end,
When i’ve been playing
With my friends.