I want to walk barefoot upon the moon. 

I want to walk on the moon, 

bare foot with universal star 

dust dancing through my tresses. 

I want to stand upon its naked form 

and stare into the blackness. 

I want to sing among the stars. 

I want to look back at earth 

see Gaias true beauty from afar. 

I want to swim in lakes of moon light, 

naked and unashamed watching numerous 

suns rise across my horizons. 

I want to wear meteor did upon my dress,

skimming my knees a full circle

that twirls as i walk, 
teased by the breeze. 

I want to ride chariots of the Gods, 

traverse the skies in the simplicity of innocence
On the blood of purity. 

I want to walk bare foot upon the moon. 
Karen Hayward *© 2017

Oh my goodness you are a…

Oh my goodness you are a slut 

The gods laugh as they watch you strut. 

Prostitution is the oldest trade…

You know, at least, that’s what they say. 

Your heart so black your soul so mottled

I wonder does that posion come in a bottle?

Clever little pen 

clever little pen 

stroke it baby for you have a friend!

Lonesome fear spoilt brat

You’re the remnants that the devil spat.

Karen Hayward ©2016

Halloween poem


There once was a wizard by his side was a witch,

he could not dance and she could not stitch!

So the wizard asked the Owl who hooted from the tree,

‘Can you show me how to dance and can you do it for free?’

The owl, looking down with big round eyes simply said ‘Too whit to whoo’.

The the Owl being bored away he flew.

The Witch was feeling desperate she had to mend a dress,

she went into the darkest cave in search of a vampire… seamstress.

An empty echo in the dark only her footsteps followed her

then Bat wings swarmed through and the rest was a blur.

She woke upon the floor her dress about her head,

feeling kinda dizzy she went in search of her bed.

Wizard asked the wolf ‘Can you show me how to dance?’,

Wolf gave a growl and went to ask the Cat,

but Cat decided no after one too many splats.

Wizard, feeling kinda sad came upon some ogres

or perhaps it was a troll.

He followed through the bushes as the couple took a stroll.

He listened as they talked of Octobers hallow eve,

followed as they walked and thought of Mrs Witches sleeve.

Oh how he longed to dance with her for he loved her very much,

but that’s another story full of far too much slush.

Then wizard stopped to cry he sobbed and sobbed,

he howled into the night and the trolls or ogres

i’m really not to sure looked to the skies

and screamed in utter fright!

Well now, Mrs Troll…or ogre bumped her head real bad,

so Wizard grabbed a needle and his favourite sewing bag.

Witch on hearing the night skies howl

sprang into action for she couldn’t miss a chance,

to spring through the forest singing as she danced.

And as the full moon rose high into the skies,

Wizard and the Witch walked slowly toward home.

Giggling as they strolled for they really hadn’t known.

As hallows eve begins and darkness fall saround

If you follow the howls and deathly growls

you know what can be found?

Why Witch of course dancing in her dress

and Wizard at her side, with dance moves to impress.

Karen Ann Hayward ©2016

co author, Emily-Rose Ann Hayward (Stannard)


Obituary to the mouse. 

Through the dark hours you have heard the whispers of my dying heart felt the hidden tears of my soul and held me in abandoned breath as the essence of my being has spilled precariously across the blank page. You have brought me life when silence swam through my veins freezing the beating life from my existence. You have brought me love, held my hand as I explored new and unchartered territory, you waited with perfect patience as I found courage and you deterred in perfect balance as rage soared within me. You have given me a voice once silenced, shown me a life once muted.My life is an honour to the power that was you, sleep easy now poor broken,  faulty mouse, sleep easy. 

Karen Hayward ©2016