Just rambling.

There is nothing I love more in life than listening to children communicating in this odd and exciting world. My daughter has her besty round today and so far they have had me in stitches….

Besty…is blind.

My monkey is autistic and has SPD and hates clothes and heat…(ages 8+9)

Me: Where are your clothes?

Monkey: I took them off. I’m hot.

Me: You have to keep clothes on when you have people round.

Monkey: Mum shes blind, that’s why shes my best friend, I don’t have to wear clothes round her!!!!!

Ha ha ha I cannot argue with this!


Monkey:Mum, can me, besty, daddy and grandad go park? Actually not Grandad he walks too slow.

Me: Park is closed for cleaning today.

Besty: The one by the school is open that one is always open.

Me: they closed that one for cleaning.

Besty: Monkey, I think your mum tells lies!!!

Monkey: My mum doesn’t tell lies…

Walks away explaining that I don’t tell lies but I sometimes do tricks on her, and says, I might be tricking them that the park is closed. lol


This one made me giggle alot….

Besty: Karen, what are you doing, I can hear you singing….

Me: Taking a break sweety, if you need anything go to…hubby.

Besty: A break!! You’re so lucky to have a break I never get a break!!!

Me: Yeah cos your days are so busy what with all that playing lol

Besty: I have to do home work as well you know!!!


HA HA HA HA HA….God I wish I only had to worry about homework, I miss those days lol


Oh I love these girls.