Silence engulfs me…

Selene, do you catch the broken
fragments of my thoughts,
reminiscent echoes
of ancient days frozen
in the paths of time.
My soul has aged in
days gone past
twilight has become
my refuge.
The ungodly hour of devils fun
is scarred upon my wings
in mottled greys
of solitude.
Shhh, do you hear
the way my heart beats?
A broken rhythm
perhaps, or maybe just a forgotten

Karen Hayward ©2017 

Image found via WordPress library 

When twilight knows my name…

Where are you when the twilight hour is upon me? Darkness lingers across my skin where your fingers trailed, dreams within. No illumination marks my sky,
Droplets of my love are carried on Selene’s tears as she spills moon beams across your night calling to you in sleeps lullaby.
For a moment, a mere wisp of time we share sleeps quarters, we traverse between the worlds, fingering the thin veil of hope… Perhaps we can share the same dream. Sit here upon this log, beneath sun filled skies and watch the horizon spreading hues of our essence wide across the universe…

Karen Hayward © 2018

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Dance with me, Selene, Goddess of our pearlescent moon. 

Upon your pearlescent 

beams i lay my darkest secrets,

 cry my hardest tears and 

Ponder moments on loves reason. 

My faithful companion,

What sights have adorned your 

nights as you sat guard, 

What whispers of need 

Have you heard? And pray, do tell,

How many times have you

Embraced me in ethereal armour,

Kissed the shattered remains 

Of my soul…Come now Selene,

Let us dance together on 

Twilight’s breeze. 
Karen Hayward *© 2017

Indulge in Satan’s fun.


This poem was inspired by a great poem I read a short while back that used the inspiration ‘Would you…’ there is something raw about those very simple words that instinctively have me answering them without me even realising. You can read the great poem here on the blog Zigzastripes. Go check him out 🙂


Can you worship me as a Goddess,
kneeling at my feet,
Can you own my very being
and explore this luscious treat.
Can you drink this golden fountain
taste me with your tongue,
renounce the world around us
and indulge in Satan’s fun.

Karen Hayward ©2016 (image and words)

Tingling lunar rays of light.

I see you; as your shining light illuminates my sky

of subtle blue, as your mottled skin reflects the

light of a thousand rays, as we say goodbye to day.

I see you; as you climb the skies to dance alongside

the dying stars of yesteryear. As you thrive

to be seen amongst the endless darkness

of unknown space.

I see you, I feel the ebbing tune you sing,

the mighty change your full face brings,

I hear the distant howls of the lost, as

their souls turn a lighter shade of wild.

And my spirit soars, excitement skipping

through my veins as your light skims across

my bare breast, innocence lost as the

beast inside scrambles for release.

And I know, for a fleeting moment, all can

be mine as your light traces the sins

across my skin. Tingling with

anticipation the death filled sky

is my saviour, my reward, my Goddess.