When stagnant waters ripple.



When it’s time.

When life beats once again and the

stagnant waters begin again to ripple,

will you tell me or will you creep away

one, word, at, a time.

Will you whisper beneath the glowing moon,

breathe words of regret onto the blank page,

editing away all traces of emotions or

perhaps editing them in to fill the emptiness of the stage.

When we are left only with the last letters of

saving face will you fall back into the shadows

to avoid the harshness of reality.

When my time arrives will you lay upon the

page the tale of our time,

the thoughts you never shared the darkness you never bared.

Will you tell me that I mattered,

would you utter least this lie,

tell me I was something,

a lonesome cloud in the sky.

Will you leave without regret never turn around.

Look into the darkness and think of what you found.

When the time has come upon us

when you know the time is right,

when courage has befriended you,

will you at least bid me a heartfelt good night.

Karen Hayward ©2016 image and words.

A sexual muse.

Distance engulfs the miles, as I knew it always had.

Yet still you wander at ease at random points,

my sexual desire, my pleasurable muse

the unseen fantasy as my fingers explore

needing more.

The door closed many moons ago,

we both know, as the final strands slip by

and life takes grip of our fantasies and

shows us the realities.

Distance engulfed the miles,

from the very first smile.

And sometimes for a fleeting moment I see you

as I dream, smiling eyes burdened and held down

or a whisper of your voice enticing me in.

And for that moment I wonder still

how good it could’ve been.

Bare sexual pleasure spilling from

our naked bodies

unsaid truths

and unspoken desire.

Distance engulfs the miles as I knew it always would.