Summer land.

Inspiration from a photoprompt can be found here


I have always heard the soft whisper of

wide open spaces calling to me.

Their sacred whispers caught between the leaves

on the morning breeze. My heart beating as I approach and the

excitement bubbles inside. This freedom

is a drug and I am the addict lost in the labyrinth.

I’ve pondered sitting on the grass

with ants crawling across my pale

legs, is this muted silence what heaven sounds


I like to think it is.

It feels like home, here I feel the beating wings

of my angels as rays of sun tickle across my skin.

I have known loneliness in my life,

I have known silence.

I have known a darkness that strips away your soul.

Yet sitting by myself in this field I know only love

and togetherness and peace. My soul is home

my soul is at peace.


Karen Hayward ©2016

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