Untitled with hinted hues of Raphael.

As the day draws heavy and my eyes beg to close

I take a moment to consider the highs and the lows.

I’m grateful, i’m grateful that I owned my day.

I’m grateful….

that each time the storm pulled me from my slumber

I didn’t need the power cut number.

that some of my fence panels were still standing

I’m grateful to those for withstanding.

I’m grateful for my daughters help to build the drawers,

I got it wrong, one is backwards, but we’re not keeping score.

I’m grateful for the pens we used to colour the dragon

and our creation of a pink and blue wagon.

I’m grateful that I heard her giggle, deep and filled with love,

and that tidying her toys was kinda tough.

I’m grateful that the storm calmed down and blue skies appeared,

and that for a moment she didn’t need me near.

I’m grateful for the foam ball that she bounced and bounced

anxiety prickling but her lioness was ready to pounce.

I’m eternally grateful for the moments when we talk

so she knew when the ball hit the road, not to walk.

I’m grateful for the chair that she spun and spun in

and for the vomit that completely missed the bin

and the bedroom floor that was clear

and that I was near.

I’m grateful for the rainbow

when I was feeling low.

I’m grateful for Easter choc

and tea that’s hot,

and for a book to read

when my day ends and i’m no longer in need.

I’m grateful for what comes next

night time silence at its best.


Karen Hayward ©2016